Importance Of Sex And Reproductive Education

The mention of the term, ‘sex’ will attract all manner of reactions. Others will Smile in embarrassment while others will exude all sorts of coy behaviour. All these mixed reactions are based on one factor which is age. Individuals that are being ushered into another phase of life called adolescence are most vulnerable. They experience all sorts of changes in every sphere of their bodies. These spheres include physically, emotionally and mentally. They just do not seem to reason as they used to not too long ago.

Everything changes drastically, and it’s too much for them to absorb. All the more reason for sex education to be introduced into the school curriculum. Sex education will help them get ready for everything that happens in their bodies. Young people are more productive when they are psychologically prepared for the sexual changes they are yet to undergo.

Role of sex and reproductive education

As much as this is considered an immoral subject, it’s important in many ways. Young people need to be educated on everything to do with sex and its reproductive counterpart. Here are reasons why sex education is important;

Sex education is an eye opener to young minds

They won’t be too naive when matters to do with sexuality are mention and tackled. Instead, young people are taught and coached on how to react towards sexual proposals from the opposite gender. Sex education teaches the learners to have respect for themselves. This can also, be translated to giving them space to engage in other productive activities. The learners will no longer have questions and get too curious. Curiosity on the whole subject leads them to experimentation.


This opens a new can of worms for their families and the society as a whole. This is a way of helping learners prepare for their future. They can’t do this if they are not enlightened on the dangers of early sexual experiences. Once they are in full control of themselves, they’ll be able to make informed decisions to stay sexually pure. They will know when they are ready to engage themselves in sexual practices.

Reproductive education

It is impossible for reproduction to exist without sex and vice-versa. Reproduction education is important as it creates awareness on sex and its consequences. Here are concrete reasons why reproductive education should be conducted at all costs

It dispels all manner of taboo practices

These practices include sexual adventures among teenagers. Worse still, even pre teens are engaging in it, and it’s unacceptable.

Helps in solving problems

The future is secure when society is educated on the importance of reproductive education. So long as a vast majority is aware of the consequences of irresponsible sex, the problem is partly solved. It will be fully solved when the matters discussed are duly implemented.


It imparts informative knowledge

Sex education will impart informative knowledge on every detail about conception and procreation. At this vulnerable stage, it’s time for them to know how they were formed and where they came from.

Beneficial for the young people

Reproductive education teaches young people how to tame their feelings. In turn, they learn to make informed decisions about their reproductive lives.


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