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Christian writes: "It would be cool to see some thing done on MP3 players."

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Christian writes: “It would be cool to see some thing done on MP3 players.”
You bet it would be cool… Oh, you mean us.

MP3 players have been floating around in our pockets for 10 years now. And they can be split into two categories, iPods and everything else. Sorry, but it’s true. See this little guy. It’s my brothers MP3 player. It’s so light you hardly even notice it. And it has this cool clip on the back so you can stick it on your clothes and then forget about it and run it through the washer… and then through the dryer… just like he did.

[To MP3 player] Are you ready for your bath buddy?

[Laughs] not his best day ever.

Electronics water and extreme heat don’t play well together. In his own words this is how the story goes: “Ahhhhh” [Smacking head]

When he plugged it in the first time it didn’t work. Then he let it sit around for about a week to sort through all of its deep emotional issues. There’s a lot of drama and trauma associated with going through the washer.

[To MP3 player] So how was it in there?

[MP3 player talking back] It was a total nightmare. when the spin cycle started I thought I was a gonner man.

A week later he tried it and the lights came on, his music was even still there. [To MP3 player] You are amazing.

Now we don’t recommend trying this at home. ‘Cause I think putting it through the wash has got to void the warrantee. but it still works. That is a tough little machine.

[MP3 player talking] Yeah I’m clean but it ain’t worth it.

Here’s what you really care about when it comes to MP3 players. Some of them use tiny hard drives to store their data, and others use flash memory. The difference is durability vs capacity. The flash memory players can’t hold nearly as much as the ones with hard drives. It’s something like 16 or 32 gigs against 160. But what they lack in storage they make up for in stability.

Solid state memory is pretty amazing. That or he is just really, really, really lucky.

[MP3 player talking] Do you have any idea what it’s like to be stuck with someone’s underpants for 24 hours? I mean 2 hours. Hey! 2 seems like 24 okay. It was the longest 2 hours of my life brother.

All hard drives have moving parts and you know what that means. Anything that moves more breaks more. Now I’m not saying that an MP3 with a hard drive will go belly up right out of the box. [Nods] You’re computer has a hard drive in it too, and the lasts for a good long while. But they don’t get bounced around in your pocket.

So if you want to get your hands on your own MP3 player we recommend searching two sites. ‘Cause you really only have two choices. or

That pretty much covers all the bases.

[MP3 player talking] Snap brother your socks is smelly!

MP3 Players

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  • 3/14/11 @ 22:01


    You are is funny. ;-P yay for grammar.

  • 11/23/10 @ 11:41


    poor mp3 washed in hot water. good thing it still works.

  • 1/5/10 @ 11:44

    Satya Agraha

    Zune is superior to ipod. The end

  • 10/11/09 @ 8:25


    I Agree That Flash Memory Is Great. I Washed Mine Twice But Never Through The Dryer. Zune Is Not Bent On Controlling Your MP3 Player With DRM Like Ipod Is. I Tunes Store Makes Me Laugh. Zune Market Place Really Feels Like Your At A Market Place. I Can Play And Burn My Music & Videos Multiple Times (Burned Them About 15 Times Already) Compared To Ipod's "Burn It Only 5 Times" Policy With DRM. S ... (more)
  • 10/3/09 @ 20:02


    poor, poor Ipod…

  • 8/21/08 @ 8:58


    i love my microsoft zune, even tho its the beta of our time. discovered whatuottaknow this morning and i have been looking for everything on it eversince. thanks guys

  • 8/1/08 @ 8:33


    I want the iTouch, I don’t want the cell phone option with the iPhone, but I like everything else about it like the iTouch.

  • 6/25/08 @ 16:15


    love the apple ipod shuffle puppet =P i have an ipod video and i dont go anywhere with out listening to it.

  • 5/13/08 @ 8:39

    H U T C H

    This would have happen to be Glenn was it?

  • 4/22/08 @ 16:01


    Loved his piece. Can relate to the ipod wash, a bath doesn’t do them any good either! is great. Thanks

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