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An Open Mind April 29th, 2008 Liberals vs Conservatives

In junior high my science teacher said that the world would be out of fossil fuels by the year 2000.

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In Junior High, my science teacher said that the world would be out of fossil fuels by the year 2000. He was wrong.

I’ve heard extreme statements and predictions basically all of my life. And very few of them have turned out to be true. Don’t accept what you are spoon fed. Listen to both sides. And then if you want to run around saying the sky is falling you are well-informed panic master.

You know that 64% – 93% of statistics are all made up. We manipulate data to say pretty much whatever we want and Al Gore is no exception. In the documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth there is a chart which links the rise in CO2 to the rise in temperature. The data reaches back over 650,000 years and was collected from ice core samples in the Antarctic.

CO2 does match the temperature levels. But it trails temperature. CO2 in the atmosphere is the result of the temperature going up and down. It’s not the cause. So does it trail by a year, a month, or what? Try a few hundred years to a few thousand years according to Reid A. Bryson a PhD in Meteorology.

It’s a very strong connection over that thousand year difference. Wow.

The Pacific Research Institute has a documentary on Global Warming and you can watch it for free on their website. Now these hippies love the environment and what they have to say about the real effects and causes of climate change is eye opening.

Talking about global warming everyone is fixed on CO2 but they are ignoring the sun. There is the great blazing ball of fire in the sky. Could that have anything to do with global warming? Hmmm…

Remember a few years ago all that talk about unusual solar activity and sun flares. Well, it turns out the sun goes through cycles too. Hotter and colder and hotter and colder. And go figure, they match perfectly with the temperature record. I just don’t believe it.

So why don’t we talk about the sun’s contribution in the global warming problem? Well, because we can’t regulate it, tax it or make it feel guilty for what it’s doing.

But we have to have an enemy. We have to have something to fight and CO2 is the leading green house gas, right? Well, no it isn’t. Water vapor is, and by a large margin. So that hydrogen cell vehicle you were looking at getting the one that only puts out clean water vapor yeah that is gonna destroy the earth. Cause if you think CO2 messes up the atmosphere clouds, jacking up the planet hardcore.

When did CO2 become a pollutant? I mean it is a natural and necessary part of the life cycle. Plants even need it to photosynthesize. So CO2 is good?
Yes, because without it all plants die.

Now we have people like billionaire, idiot Richard Branson offering 25 million dollars to anyone that can come up with a machine that takes CO2 out of the atmosphere. Put one of those in the hands of every panicky environmentalist and you will kill every plant on the planet in a few years. Wow, I sounded alarmist just then. But it just so happens that I’ve already invented that machine. I call it “the Tree”. Runs maintenance free for life and self-replicates. Okay Rich, where’s my money? I could plant a lot of trees with 25 million bucks.

Seriously, some scientists are talking about removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in underground oil or water. Don’t they remember 1986 when lake Nyos release a tidal-wave of CO2 that killed 1700 people and hospitalized 845 more. Yeah, great idea guys. Let’s stockpile it and keep that nice and close.

But my biggest problem with the climate change movement besides all the misrepresented data is that it is based on fear and panic. They are in such a hurry to cure to the problem that they make irrational suggestion like
let’s pump sulfur into the atmosphere to cure global warming. Great idea. Only problem is it destroys the ozone and makes everything smell like rotten eggs. But it’s so environmentally friendly and rotten eggs are natural.

Sadly, alarmist environmentalism isn’t new. A little over thirty year ago Newsweek ran an article about mounting evidence of global cooling. Scientists at the time were sure we were headed for another ice age and the solution they proposed was melting the arctic ice caps. I’m not kidding. They wanted to do it.
Now-a-days its easy to look back and say we were stupid then, but we are smart now. But are we really?

Newsweek actually apologized for running the global cooling story over thirty years later. But you know, thirty years from now a lot of people may be apologizing for the stories they are running today.

Is the earth warming? Yes. Are we responsible? In part, yes. Is our contribution significant? Probably not. At least it’s a very small part of a big equation when you look at the data objectively.

I am not anti-environmental. I am very pro-environment. I just happen to disagree that global warming is the number one threat facing the world. There are some extremists out there who would label me a denier or a sceptic or a heretic. But I think that the scare tactic methods used by prominent climate crisis advocates are going to hurt the environmental causes in the long run. Because you see scare tactics, just like a bully on the playground are only effective as long as the threat is perceived. And once a decade or two has gone by and life on this planet hasn’t ceased it will be easy to tune out other equally important environmental issues. And that is unfortunate.

Here is the real problem. We pollute. Far more than we need to. I see 5000lbs SUVs rolling around with one person in them. We need to change. We need to be cleaner and more sustainable and we have lots of new technology to do it. The real solution is to change our thinking not scare people into temporary action. Sure scaring is faster, but in the long run they will just go back to doing what they were doing in the first place.

My prediction? Every natural disaster for the next decade or so will be labeled “unnatural” and “man-made” in order to keep up the fear of things getting worse. And the Malthusian alarmism about global warming will have its heyday and years from now it come up about as often as “acid rain” which two decades ago was going to destroy civilization as we know it.

We hope you liked the show but if you didn’t we warned you. So look at the links on our site, be open minded think before you type, and please flame responsibly!

Join me, Al Gore and Richard Branson. Let’s create a new 100% tax on anyone who owns stock in big oil or uses more than double the electricity of the average American household or wants to produce record pollution by chartering recreational space flight. Because those people are destroying the environment.

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BBC’s The Great Global Warming Swindle

Other possible causes for global warming

In our previous version of this show we quoted the number of deaths from the lake Nyos tragedy incorrectly. We pride ourselves in our determination to make corrections. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • 4/30/13 @ 16:21

    The Perspicacious Loris

    ‘Bout acid rain–we’re like, still concerned about that. Look at Hank Green’s video:

  • 4/30/13 @ 16:13

    The Perspicacious Loris

    About the water vapor-water and CO2 both go through cycles throughout the atmosphere and in living organisms. But when animals and plants die, their water can leave and become part of the cycle again, while the carbon can sink into the ground and become fossil fuels. When we burn the fuels, the carbon becomes part of the atmosphere and hadn't been there before, which cannot be said about water v ... (more)
  • 1/31/12 @ 14:04


    I notice mmann66 talking about how 270-350ppm of CO2 is a good level but I don't see him telling you how much is to little. The answer is about 200ppm. As for his assertions that 270-350ppm is an ideal level for plants if that is true why do many green houses pump the levels of CO2 up inside their greenhouse at nighttime to several times that level? I also read in the news the other day that the e ... (more)
  • 11/4/11 @ 7:55


    Firstly as a climate scientist, CO2 can drive warming as there is a testable feedback loop present. And the solar cycles have been cooling over the past 40 years while the earth has been warming. It does match perfecty until 1975. Quickly after this they diverge. And clouds cause cooling through the albedo effect. As an uncondensed vapour it causes warming but it is ineffective compared to CO2. CO ... (more)
  • 6/10/11 @ 11:53

    The Perspicacious Loris

    “64 to 93 percent of statistics are all made up.” Paradox! Sort of…

  • 1/3/11 @ 10:01


    Oh god, what if global warming isn’t real and we end up making the world a better place for nothing!?

  • 12/11/10 @ 8:51


    While most of what you said is true, especially Al Gore twisting statistics, a lot of global warming extremists being absolutely crazy and proposing stupid ideas, and what we contribute to the warming of the planet is small compared to what other causes put into the equation like the sun and nature, our small contribution is still significant and can harm are planet irreparably if we continue on ... (more)
  • 11/7/10 @ 12:28


    The most awesome thing I have seen in a long time. I know the fear-mongering folks who back the widely held causes behind global warming will hate this, I however love it. Why do we forget simple fact like that there are peat bogs in SE Asia that have been burning for years and they put out more "greenhouse gases" in one year than most every industrialized nation on earth. Or how about the fact ... (more)
  • 10/12/10 @ 19:11


    There’s a giant ball of gas in the sky, why has no one taken account of this yet but two guys with a podcast?!?!

  • 6/29/10 @ 14:49


    I honestly don't understand how someone who knows so little about climate science can speak misinformation so confidently and publicly. 1. This video confuses causation and correlation with regard to the relationship between CO2 and climate, when other effects trigger the climate change. 2. This video confuses the role of water vapor as a greenhouse gas. The statement that it is the "most sig ... (more)
  • 1/3/10 @ 18:22

    Satya Agraha

    Did you know that you could die from an overdose of Oxygen? It's called oxygen toxicity. Hehehe. Anyways, trees are being planted. I'm pretty sure that most logging compaies are required to plant so many trees per tree they're cutting down. You might wanna double check me on that one. I don't wanna get into the debate of whether or not global warming is real or whatever. But what I do notice is th ... (more)
  • 12/8/09 @ 11:01


    It still bugs me that people overlook the more obvious issues with CO2. High concentrations of CO2 kills your lungs, and thus kills you. If we planted more trees (or any plant really, though some are probably absorb more CO2 then others) along roads, and had factories fill a greenhouse full of plants with the greenhouse gasses they produce, then the problem would be self solving.

  • 9/8/09 @ 0:34

    The Informant

    “Clouds… jacking up the planet HARD CORE.” Great line or greatest line? Love It!!

  • 8/30/09 @ 9:40


    This is one of my favorite episodes, probably because it was the first one I ever saw and thats how I became a fan.

  • 3/25/09 @ 2:13


    Your point at the end of the show about changing the way we think is a good one. I did my internship for my intercultural studies degree in Bangladesh teaching English. While there was I was able to do some work with a NGO that subsidized the cost of arsenic water filters. (Bangladesh ground water is contaminated throughout the country.) These water filters do an exalent job removing arsenic f ... (more)
  • 2/2/09 @ 16:12


    I am happy to see this topic. Great perspective.

  • 1/10/09 @ 17:22


    actually the highest contributing green house gas is POLLUTED water vapour. That is the effect of us dumping most of our waste into our lakes, rivers and oceans. The sun is the cause of the heat coming to the eearth but the green house gases are what keep them in. CO2 may be a vital part of the environment but way to much of it is in the atmosphere. Too much of a good thing isn't good. THe trees t ... (more)
  • 9/12/08 @ 17:05


    Touche! Excellent Film. It’s nice hear the truth once in a while. I’d like to hear you speak about the oil crisis.

  • 9/11/08 @ 22:10

    Clayson Gregg PHD. Climate Science

    The Video here is tripe. Do some real research into the science. You’ll learn something.

  • 9/5/08 @ 11:25

    Don C

  • 9/4/08 @ 21:14


    Still my favorite video.

    After I saw it on Glenn Beck’s site I was hooked. :)

    Thank goodness for Glenn Beck.

  • 7/20/08 @ 13:26

    Look Behind You

    Finally someone who sees this issue the same way i do!…your awesome and well informed!

  • 7/3/08 @ 23:34


    Can we be cleaner? YES! Global warming? MADE UP! Could I be wrong? OF COURSE. But there is NO WAY of knowing for thousands of years. We are projecting our 80 years of individual life upon hundreds and thousands of years in to the future. What a waste of our lives. Let’s just be cleaner, and stop spreading so much FEAR.

  • 6/25/08 @ 17:57


    oh sorry, a little grammar change. I should of had “Everyone still haven’t”.

  • 6/25/08 @ 17:55


    Oh and about all of global warming apposers. None of you still havn't given any facts and that is ok because that is who you are. There is no way we can get you to change your minds even if we show the facts right in front of your face. So, why don't we just stop flaming and start planting trees like other people suggested. It helps both sides. The global warming and non global warming supporters ... (more)
  • 6/25/08 @ 11:48


    I challenge ANYONE to prove how human activity caused the massive global warming that marked the end of the ice age. Until then I postulate: global warming occurs WITHOUT any input from people, and so does global cooling. We already have irrefutable proof that such cycles exist apart from human based contributions. (Simplistically: the ice age began, then it ended)

  • 6/24/08 @ 15:11


    THANKS!!! someone will finally say the truth without spinning it. We will all have the pleasure of seeing people enraged when we find out in 20 years we are not dead and the earth is still getting a bet warmer or colder due to the sun. Then we can say I TOLD YA SO!!

  • 6/23/08 @ 11:41


    I’m still showing all my friends at school this video. It’s certainly one of the best I’ve seen on this issue. I will continue to spread the word on this video because its good to know the other side of the “global warming” issue or should I say scandal.

  • 6/17/08 @ 11:06


    What our governments are doing to the world is no laughing matter. Thier so call "bio-fuels" have had a dramatic impact on so many countries. And if trees are the answer then you should really see for yourselves what they've done. You should never underestimate the greed there is for oil/wealth/power. There is no global warming! They invented a fake problem to get away with what thier doing. It ma ... (more)
  • 5/31/08 @ 23:30

    AnotherSqueezedRadish(or Turnip?)

    We have to stop the ManBearPig! Listen,please, you gotta listen, I’m really serial!!! We have to stop the ManBearPig at all costs before he destroys us all! I’m super serial…

  • 5/30/08 @ 16:19


    If the scientific community is pretty much agreed about the certainty of global warming, what about the 31,000 scientists who believe it’s false?

  • 5/30/08 @ 16:01


    or we could just plant more trees

  • 5/29/08 @ 22:41

    Zola Maphila

    I think that global warming is a global issue that we know longer can ignore. I’m mostly afraid for the children that I will possibly have in the future. They will grow up in a world where they have to wear oxygen masks. I urge all nations to stand together to eradicate this epidemic. Before it’s too late!!!

  • 5/16/08 @ 7:30


    This piece of video is brilliant. I stretch back to my stint in astronomy while in college and it was predicted (in billions of years) that the sun will suffer the same fate as other suns that begin to die: it will super nova. You think global warming is an issue... better start looking for a new solar system in the next million years because we'll literally be toast (actually, just vaporized into ... (more)
  • 5/15/08 @ 18:55


    Can I write you in for President?

  • 5/15/08 @ 9:56

    Joe G

    Say the worst-case warming scenario is all the ice melts. What we should start doing now is start taking more water from the rivers and streams- diverting it to fill all the aquifers and lakes- to balance the additional water from the melting ice. We could possibly end drought in this country if we did that. And forget hydrogen fuels cells- that is unless the hydrogen is derived from wat ... (more)
  • 5/14/08 @ 19:48

    AnotherSqueezedRadish(or Turnip?)

    Whatever Happened to Acid Rain? And more importantly, what happened to Chocolate Rain?!?

  • 5/12/08 @ 0:34


    While you’re making corrections, my roommate (who works in a genome research lab) says that water is a greenhouse, but it is not “the leading greenhouse gas”. Obviously there is more by volume, but it may not affect radiation as much. I recommend you look into it.

  • 5/11/08 @ 22:34

    Colby Clark

    Unless someone can explain to me how many SUVs on Earth it takes to melt polar regions on other planets, the fact that there is global warming and melting of polar ice on Mars, Pluto, Triton and Jupiter strongly points towards the Sun or Some other cosmic force being the cause of the recent global warming on Earth. Here is one of many links: ... (more)
  • 5/10/08 @ 11:17

    Denise Smith

    The issue he's having here is about alarming others. My concern is robbing the earth. There's a giant hole in TX and it's growing. Centralia (a town in PA) has a giant mine fire going on that can't be put out. Why can't we find other sources to fuel ourselves than robbing the ground of ALL of its resources? I'm not an alarmist. It's common sense. What you take, you have to put back. I think that i ... (more)
  • 5/9/08 @ 12:59

    Dick Wood

    Dee, here is a comedy routine in the manner of Mort Sahl of yesteryear. If this doesn’t take you to the one on Global Warming, scroll down til you find it. Dick

  • 5/8/08 @ 19:50

    warning:brain in use

    Ahhh. Six whole minutes free from the constant one-sided fear-mongering from the left. When I was in school in the seventies, global cooling was going to kill us all. Then the same folks said we would run out of food and fuel within 20 years. Now they same fools are claiming, arrogantly, that global warming is caused by us. When Mt. St. Helen blew it put more greenhouse gas into the air than di ... (more)
  • 5/8/08 @ 9:57


    Great video. Is the Earth warming, YES. Do we need to do a better job taking care of the planet, YES. Should we starve ourselves and stop looking for oil so while the uber-rich (Al Gore, Richard Branson, and other celebrities)charter private jets and use more oil and other resources than any normal person, NO! Enough bickering and lets solve problems instead of making things up like storms are ... (more)
  • 5/8/08 @ 5:14

    Mr. G.

    To all the global warmingists who ask us to consider facts. Okay. What about the fact that from around 1100 AD to 1300 AD the Vikings had thriving colonies on Greenland. Then glaciers grew and forced them to abandon them. So what caused them to melt before the 1100′s? Must have been all those greenhouse gas producing…ummm…yeah!

  • 5/7/08 @ 12:01


    I hope this clip will be sent to all schools in the name of equal time, since global warming due to human caused rise in CO2 is currently a monopoly in this country. Water Vapor is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. CO2 is not a pollutant. You can be sure, though, whatever sacrifices the global warming crowed want to exact from us by force, they will exempt themselves from----they are th ... (more)
  • 5/7/08 @ 1:17


    I found the suggestion in the second video that we ought to plant more trees to eliminate, or at least reduce, the amount of carbon dioxide humorous… at least considering that decaying vegetation, rotting foliage fallen from trees for example, is a greater contributor of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere than anything our industrialized processes have ever achieved.

  • 5/6/08 @ 20:49

    draeger (not PhD)

    I think you re-evaluate your post John H. Essentially your post says that "sensible environmental policy without global warming panic" is just hyperbole and horsecrap. You might want to save your broad sweeping, ironically hyperbolical statements to describe your own post and nothing more. I mean, if you disagree with everything he said then you believe global warming is a life threatening probl ... (more)
  • 5/6/08 @ 19:00

    John H., PHD

    Utter horsecrap. This entire video is nothing but hyperbole.

  • 5/6/08 @ 17:38

    John Bay

    To Marti, Mike and Company, I respect that Kathy said her peace. And I am green too, but the "act now before we really know" mentality is what brought MTBE to the gas pumps. I don't think anyone wants that on a global scale. So let's move forward sensibly not radically. As for Marti and Mike, I don't think there is anything wrong with what is expressed in this video. It may differ from you ... (more)
  • 5/6/08 @ 13:27


    MIKE you are Hilarious, blunt, and a great Psychoanalist!Geniusly put together! Thank you for making me laugh :) KATHY you Sum it up! "GO GREEN" "Mike This dude is hilarious! Such an only child desperate for attention. This is merely a instructional video for those who are tired of being ignored. Sit on the fence, sensationalize largely unheard of quotes and news articles to sound like ... (more)
  • 5/6/08 @ 13:21


    My finest respects goes to JOHN STONE Reasonable Top Intellectual Free Thinker and Genius! Thank you!!!!! " I am not a supporter of Al Gore, nor do I have any affiliation with the Democratic Party or any Political Party. I am an individual, and I approach each issue on its on merits. You have proven to me that the folks opposing the reality of Global Warming are politicizing this issue and ... (more)
  • 5/6/08 @ 12:42


    To all that actually are paying attention: keep pounding on the alarmists. To those that want the US plunged into the 3rd World (except for the ultra-rich and politicians of course) why do all "solutions" ignore the two biggest polluters with the largest populations? China is under-reporting their pollution and even going so far as to SHUT DOWN THEIR FACTORIES UNTIL A MONTH AFTER THE OLYMPI ... (more)
  • 5/6/08 @ 11:34


    You know...I'm very greateful to what Al Gore is doing standing up for the rights of Mother Earth. His good intentions should not be overlooked just because he might not share your political views. Instead of letting your ego blind you for his good works, stop and think that facts are facts...and ideals in the human spirit in helping this Earth to be a better place and is a long fought dream not o ... (more)
  • 5/6/08 @ 9:56



    The problem is that the “steps” to prevent global warming screws up our economies by using a variety of methods to raise the price of everything.

    Sometimes, erring on the side of caution is a really really stupid idea.

  • 5/6/08 @ 9:17

    Roger Hopkinson

    I love this global warming!!! We had another awesome snowfall and ski season in Utah, and, if it's the global warming doing it, then I hope the earth just bakes away, because I love the snow it produces!! Kudos to another global warming - created epic ski season!!! (By the way, I think Snowbird is open until June this year, if any of you haven't got your ski weekend in yet, you actually still ha ... (more)
  • 5/6/08 @ 6:03


    Ya we have global warming. I live in the Ozarks and 10000 years ago we were covered with a mile of ice known as glasers which have been menting since then and continue to melt.

  • 5/5/08 @ 22:28


    Brilliant! I am going to have my two daughters watch. They are being fed a steady diet at school about the ‘impending doom’ of global warming and I try to tell them it’s pretty much bunk, that the earth has been doing this forever … warmer, cooler, warmer, cooler… . This is an excellent video, very informative and entertaining.

  • 5/5/08 @ 22:04

    Questions in the Blogosphere III | The Anchoress

    [...] any of the interesting weather anomalies is “manmade” is hoo-hah, especially since we steadfastly ignore the sun. Mark Steyn is looking at ethanol ethics, as I did last week and last month. IBD wonders if we can [...]

  • 5/5/08 @ 21:43

    Clearing all the tabs… | The Anchoress

    [...] Are Global Warmingists pulling a fast one? Duh. I like this video. [...]

  • 5/5/08 @ 21:12


    If you are going to be wrong about global warming doesn't it make sense to be wrong in a positive way. I mean what if those who preach against the fact the world is warming convince us all to not do anything about it and they are wrong. Doesn't it make better sense take a more positive approach and assume it is true and take the steps to keep it from getting worse. About the fear factor. Histor ... (more)
  • 5/5/08 @ 18:17

    Paul A.S.

    Okay,folks I got another nickel worth.Some are concerned about global warming.Some are not concerned.Once you give up hope you'll feel much better.Let me remind all that scientist have found evidence of past astroid or meteor strikes that have wiped out all life on earth millions or billions of years ago.They also say it will happen again.And all life will perish again.Sorry people when or if ... (more)
  • 5/5/08 @ 17:41


    Bravo! All the arguments that I always forget when arguing with my ‘green’ friends. This is a wonderful accurate and concise clip that puts the right perspective out there and is also funny and easy to watch!

    Well done!

  • 5/5/08 @ 13:02


    Fear and emotional claims are not good. Also calling others idiots and hippies also destroys your credibility.
    Who realy needs to know how it happens, just remember water rises with the temp, keep your head up!

  • 5/5/08 @ 12:53

    Science Avenger

    Quad, there is not enough space to refute scientific claims on blog comments. If you want to see scientific refutations of the kinds of global warming denialist nonsense like the guy in the videos spouts, try: Frankly, many of us don't bother any more because some of the arguments are so moronic that anyone who thinks t ... (more)
  • 5/5/08 @ 7:57


    Hahaha, Did anybody else notice that the Global Warming folk didn't address a SINGLE point that the video made? Looks like the emperor got caught with his pants down. Why - why oh whyyy - does such ignorance need to exist?? These are the people who are screwing up our economies by mandating ethanol, taxing our fuel, and refusing to let us build our own refineries and drill for our own resou ... (more)
  • 5/5/08 @ 4:38

    Johnny O

    Just remember that the so called scientist used to say the world was flat( some still believe it is) So much for science. Science is only as good as the info used and the person using it. Lets try and live with reality. Hey Look! There goes Elvis!

  • 5/4/08 @ 16:47


    I think it’s a good idea to stop and make changes NOW in whatever direction is appropiate. NONE of us know for sure what’s right, so why take chances? GO GREEN!

  • 5/4/08 @ 13:38


    This dude is hilarious! Such an only child desperate for attention. This is merely a instructional video for those who are tired of being ignored. Sit on the fence, sensationalize largely unheard of quotes and news articles to sound like you've done groundbreaking research, slam everyone with opposing views, trivialize their studies, raise your eyebrows a lot, condescend your audience and act as t ... (more)
  • 5/4/08 @ 12:59


    Well, only a very few scientists supported global cooling 30 years ago, the vast majority still supported global warming. The whole issue I have is you've taken one man's argument argument of how CO2 rises after temperatures increase, when many more say otherwise, and there are even charts from just the last few decades that say otherwise. So you've consulted a few resources and haven't taken time ... (more)
  • 5/4/08 @ 11:20

    Science Avenger

    This is nothing more than the typical denialism which has been rejected by every scientific organization on the planet, and that's when it isn't just mindnumbingly stupid. Global warming is a reality folks, deal. Yammering about mistakes of the past doesn't apply to evidence of the present, and neither does attacking Al Gore, who is a mere political figurehead, not a scientist. I blog on this ... (more)
  • 5/4/08 @ 2:28


    John Stone: "By the way Bryan, I am glad you can add numbers. You might do well competing against a fifth grader or less." After reading your post I assumed that is what I was doing. Well crap, now I feel bad about lowering myself to a level where I would post a line like that. Ok, maybe I don't feel that bad. BTW kinda funny how you didn't address anything I said. You just, mistakenly, sai ... (more)
  • 5/3/08 @ 20:09

    john stone

    Ken, I can't believe you are not able to read. I stated before and I'll state it again, I am not a supporter of Al Gore, nor have I ever watched his media progamming. This isn't about Al Gore, it is about idiots like yourself who can't read. Our planet is suffering, we have limited resources, and people with limited brain power to understand this. Shall I repeat this paragraph, because of your ... (more)
  • 5/3/08 @ 16:58

    ken roberts

    Gore has 72 scientist who's job is to relate impact of weather changes on the planet they are a bunch of scenario builders and have not the expertise to predict the next days weather . we have 1,900 American scientists that have signed the Oregon papers in protest of man made warming , all of these people are as concerned about our future as any one . but that is the way of people like John Stone ... (more)
  • 5/3/08 @ 16:29

    john stone

    Bryan, I am not a supporter of Al Gore, nor do I have any affiliation with the Democratic Party or any Political Party. I am an individual, and I approach each issue on its on merits. You have proven to me that the folks opposing the reality of Global Warming are politicizing this issue and bringing idiots such as Al Gore into the picture. This is not, and should not be a political issue; it is ... (more)
  • 5/3/08 @ 1:53


    Yes John, and as we all know, science is never wrong. In the history of the Earth there has never been six billion people before? Ok, I'll give you that. Also, up until we had five billion people, there have never been that many before. Same goes for four billion and so on. That number is neither here nor there. You have your mind made up on global warming and there is no changing it. So be it. I ... (more)
  • 5/2/08 @ 20:43

    john stone

    For those of you who think Global Warming is a hoax, I feel sorry for you and your children, and you children’s children. It is Science folks, plain and simple. Never in the history of our Earth has there been 6 billion people. There are consequences arising from our use and mis-management of our natural resources. We are changing the Planet, and the change is irreversible.

  • 5/2/08 @ 18:07


    You can find an excessive amount of information debunking the Hysteria here:

    The Anti “Man-Made” Global Warming Resource

    Censored Global Warming Videos

    NO ‘Consensus’ on “Man-Made” Global Warming

    The Global Warming Book Collection

  • 5/2/08 @ 18:05

    eric swenson

    well that is a very convincing comment " john stone " 26 vs 1 hmmmm..... i go with the previous 26 comments i believe you are mistaken . ice ages come , ice ages go !! heat waves come , heat waves go here is an interesting link the gist is global warming will take a pause for 10 years but watch out afte ... (more)
  • 5/2/08 @ 16:50

    john stone is a brainwashing site. Global Warming is real.

  • 5/2/08 @ 13:19


    Finally, something that provides some sense to all the phoney-baloney. Thank you so much! We’re so tired of hearing it over and over again. And guess what so are my teenagers!

  • 5/2/08 @ 11:08

    Mary Alice

    Thank you! I don’t know who you are, but thanks for the sanity.
    Now what? Do we just tolerate the goofiness until it passes away?

  • 5/2/08 @ 6:59


    Great show man! You articulated everything I believe about global warming from the research I’ve done. Great work and keep it up!

  • 5/2/08 @ 6:24

    tony raimo

    Al Gore and the rest of his freaky friends should be put on a cruise ship and set out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There our Navy can practise lobbing bombs at them.
    There is no such actual history to say the planet is heating up. As a matter of fact it is rather cooling down.
    Al… are still a jerk!

  • 5/1/08 @ 19:37

    Paul S

    I even quit giving to MIT because they do not seem to have the courage to speak out on the lack of science and truth in the AL Gore Movie.

  • 5/1/08 @ 16:14

    Kenny O of Attleboro, MA

    Absolutely On the Mark… Of course they can’t air this on national television, it’s too long; it’s the truth!

    and don’t worry about Al Gore, he won’t see this, he is on his jet plane on his way to lecture us about “our carbon footprint”.

    Maybe his plane will fly over the Bermuda Triangle! We could not be so luck…

  • 5/1/08 @ 15:53

    Paul A.S.

    OH LORDY!! I am so glad I found this link.I read all of the posts.Just want to add my 2 cents.We all know that the "media" is controled by the LIBS.That's why you'll never see the truth on the evening news..Glenn Beck will get the truth out.I'm just sayin'.The enviromental WHACKOS won't be happy 'till we're riding around in 2 wheel horse drawn carts with the body of a 50's era crosly mount ... (more)
  • 5/1/08 @ 14:36

    Scott M

    The truth shall set you free! This should be “mainstream”. Thank you for getting this out there.

  • 5/1/08 @ 12:51


    Lol...does anyone remember those trippy "Weekly Readers" the teachers used to hand out? It talked about acid rain, living on the moon in 2080, machine feet that would walk for you. Yeah. Anyways, there was one particular long Weekly Reader (1991, I think) that talked about the Biosphere in Arizona, how scientists are going to live on it and it'll be a replica of the earth and it'll be so cool! ... (more)
  • 5/1/08 @ 11:30


    I think I should turn in my acid repellent suit huh?

  • 5/1/08 @ 10:41



  • 5/1/08 @ 10:20


    excellent. I am looking forward to forwarding this to my family members that have completely bought into this global crisis movement.

  • 5/1/08 @ 2:56


    every day i sit with a bunch of left-wing democrats (which has let me to become not a republican, but and anti-democrat)and all i hear about is global warming and how awesome al gore is

    thank you so much ill show this to all of them

  • 4/30/08 @ 22:08

    John from NIU

    Excellent show! Quite even handed and informative.

    Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with being a Skeptic. So don’t worry, you must also be an honorary “show me” state resident.

  • 4/30/08 @ 20:07


    You sir are my hero, this argument is epic. Too bad the lemmings wont listen too it. I would say site your sources more but ya know lemmings don’t care about facts. You have one more new watcher, Im even showing this to my friends.

  • 4/30/08 @ 18:08


    Well said, sir. :-)

  • 4/30/08 @ 17:48


    Pretty controversial issue... I agree that climate change is happening. I say "change" because some places are getting colder and others are getting warmer. But, at this point, I don't think that we can necessarily say that we're having as big of an effect on the environment as all the environmentalists claim. I also don't think that we're having as little of an effect as the opposing side claims. ... (more)
  • 4/30/08 @ 17:19

    Scott L.

    Thank you, I will be recommending this episode to all the Global Warming Alarmists at my school. I have been trying to make the same point for a long time.

  • 4/30/08 @ 12:39


    I ran into an interesting story a few days ago that discusses what it would take in alternate energy to replace the world's oil. 250,000 solar panels a day, a 900 MW nuclear reactor every week, or 1200 wind farms a week, for the next 50 years. You could also build 200 18GW hydroelectric dams, or 7700 solar thermal plants. That would replace the oil currently in use. If you want to replace coal ... (more)
  • 4/30/08 @ 8:52


    I thought I was the only one who felt that the ‘global warming problem’ would be ‘solved’ by planting more trees.
    At what point did ‘THEY’ (ie. THEY say that the planet is warming, THEY say the planet is cooling and we are all going to die.) start to become omnipotent?

  • 4/30/08 @ 6:49


    “Malthusian”? Nice!

  • 4/30/08 @ 5:22


    Kudos! KUDOS!!!
    Can they take Nobel Peace prizes back?

  • 4/30/08 @ 5:18



  • 4/30/08 @ 4:05

    Just had to post a quick link to WYOTK « Toiling in dreamland

    [...] [...]

  • 4/30/08 @ 4:03


    You folks are brilliant. Have you noticed though that they no longer use the phrase "global warming". Now it's "climate change". The Nancy Pelosi/Newt Gingrich ads tell how we need to work together to stop climate change. Guess they are just hedging their bets. Warming, cooling, rainy, arid can all fall under climate change. I guess unless it's sunny and seventy degrees with a chance of evening sh ... (more)
  • 4/30/08 @ 2:42


    Excellent! It’s rare that we get this perspective, although it’s what I’ve believed all along. When I was in junior high, we learned that the earth would probably start to heat up again. Now it is, and people are panicking? OK….

    This article has some good data as well:

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