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If you want to keep your friends you are never supposed to talk about religion or politics. Today we are going to talk about both!

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If you want to keep your friends you’re never supposed to talk about religion or politics. But today we’re going to talk about both.

Bryan wrote in and said “How about a show on the differences between liberals and conservatives. One that’s non-biased. Maybe that will help people realize that neither side is really evil, they just have different ways of trying to solve problems.”

Sorry Bryan. Can’t help you there, because when it comes to the two different ideologies there really is no real difference. Both sides promise change. Conservatives in the form of reduced government to solve problems and Liberals with government programs that solve problems. Stop and ask yourself honestly, have they done it? I mean each side has had lots of time in the majority position. So why are we still debating the same issues that I can remember hearing my parents discuss when I was a kid.

If we get rid of the problems then we don’t have anything to fix. Wait then we don’t need government. Let’s just make sure we keep those problems around.

Political parties have a platform, but that platform is not their real agenda. Power is their agenda. Individuals can start out a political carrier with optimism and high ideals. But to maintain those positions of power you need to make sacrifices. Like your soul… or your carrier if you hold to your morals.

Right or left, you’ll never see politicians vote away their power. Instead they’ll make promises to change and then point finger at the other guys when it doesn’t happen. Both sides make a lot of noise when the other camp has problems but they also like to sweep it under the rug when the camera point at them. Really, when was the last time you saw politicians hold their own candidates or party accountable for things they had said and done? It doesn’t happen and they’ll never take accountability because it weakens their power collectively.

Yeah. I saw a politician be accountable and he was riding a winged horse with a fairy princess over the enchanted forest. It’s a few blocks form the capital in DC. Why aren’t we holding them accountable? Because we assume they’re corrupt. And why are they corrupt? Because we let them be.

It’s easy to see the parties in this country polarizing and the gaps between them grows broader and broader. But it’s a lot like watching Nazi Germany fighting Communist Russia I mean, who do you root for? They may be opposite ends of the political spectrum, but they sure have a lot in common. They both are dictatorial regimes guilty of mass-murdering their own citizens. And the end result of going too far to the left or to far to the right is you end up at the same place roughly politically.

Still think those two parties are different… [Sarcastic] yeah.

But you know all this already and this is What You Ought to Know, not what you already knew.

There are two groups that continue to baffle me… I mean can you really be a rich liberal or a conservative christian I mean fiscally conservative Christian? I hear both of those and think oxymoron.

Let’s start on the left. They’ll tell you that we are all the same and there should be equality and everyone needs should be met. Okay! But whoa, not with their money oh no no no no… Nothing personal but George Clooney is one man – and one man can easily live on 50,000 a year so it’s really not that generous to give away the remaining millions. Is it? Not if you really believe in equality. Hey, it’s just your fair share. And why wait around for government to tax it all away form you? If you’re rich and liberal and you believe the government is the best way to solve problems, shouldn’t you just give your money to them. Right now? Yes.

Give give give Isn’t that what you’ve been saying?

The generosity of liberals is so often touted in the media but Oprah’s big give look pretty small when you look her net worth. Come on Sean Penn, put down the bullhorn, get out of the boat and start writing checks. It’s time to live up to your creed and give till it hurts. No actually that won’t be nearly enough – how about give ’til your middle class! Yeah that’d be enough.

What? I hear snickering on the right. Yeah, you guys are in even more trouble. You say it nobody’s business what you do with your money, but that money doesn’t belong to you does it? If you’re a conservative Christian doesn’t all that money really belong to God. Uh huh! Does this sound familiar? “Sell all that you have, give to poor and come follow me” or how about “it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom or God.”
And let’s not forget our favorite, “you cannot serve God and mammon”. Wait, what does mammon mean? Oh yeah, its money. So in the end’, its not the governments business to take your money and give it’ to the poor, it’s just your moral responsibility. you know, just you soul hanging in the balance. That’s all.

You can try to justify yourself saying “I give enough” but if all the conservative Christians gave what they should there would be no need for the liberal government programs you’re so opposed to. The rain falls on the just and the unjust. You’re supposed to give to the poor and needy not just the worthy and deserving.

The real problem with politics isn’t the differing ideas of political ideologies or compromises they come to, it is hypocrisy, corruption and a near total lack of responsibility and accountability.

So where do you start? Start with yourself. Hold yourself to a higher standard and the people you elect will have to follow. Bet you didn’t want to hear that. Because until we hold politicians accountable, they’ll just keep vying for power and none of the problems will really get solved.

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  • 10/30/13 @ 1:31


    I believe that America is a Christian nation only so much as all the Christian broadcasters refer to Israel as God's people, of the age before, as one and the same. We were not a personal nation of judgementalism still, but more open in trust than even we the whole world understood as a literally new chosen sacrificial in love nature of an unfallen day (ONE world - not greased with secret tricks) ... (more)
  • 4/25/11 @ 6:13


    Oh thats makes it perfectly clear now. Jesus was NOT impying that the rich man cared to much for this world to trust/follow Jesus. He was just making a biblical 'steriotype' that ALL rich people must sell everything they have in order to follow Christ cause you... know thats how it works. Why didn't he say the same thing to Nicodemus instead he said 'Ye must be born again'....Nothing about selling ... (more)
  • 4/22/11 @ 13:31


    Also, to those Christians that said money comes from God insinuates that God must favor the rich and punish the poor. This is not true. Notice he doesnt say, “blessed are the rich.”

    Luke 6:20-21. Blessed are you who are poor, for yours in the kingdom of God. Blessed are you who hunger now, for you shall be satisfied. Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.

  • 4/22/11 @ 13:23


    Ok, to those Christian conservatives that are twisting the word of God to suite their own needs. The text in its entirety clearly states that a rich man is not following the word of God because he is in fact rich. Notice how I am going to post the entire text, unlike those that have twisted its meaning by only posting portions of the text. But this is a common conservative tactic when confront ... (more)
  • 3/22/11 @ 7:08


    It seems your a bit confused about what Christians believe. I agree that many are hypocritical, and that we don't give as much as much as we should...the problem I had was when you said "it's just your soul hanging in the balance!" The thing that separates Christianity from every other religion is that in all others you have to earn your salvation, but in Christianity it's given to you. ... (more)
  • 1/28/11 @ 19:38


    I disagree with your comparison. You are conflating political ideologies like liberalism and conservatism with political parties like Democrats and Republicans. Here are a couple of my articles on the differences: and Also, the Nazis, or National Socialists ... (more)
  • 9/20/10 @ 7:08


    A proof text is not a proof text if it's not taken in context. - For the Christian, our wealth is received from the hand of God (through means). We give thanks for it, and we return a portion as an offering (not a tithe, because the tithe was nailed to the Cross with Jesus and all other OT laws) out of gratitude. We also use money to help others, including the poor. You've got all this right. W ... (more)
  • 9/13/10 @ 16:58


    You made very many appropriate points, and a few deep insights, however I do believe you were unfair to the "Christian" conservative. Perhaps you are just ignorant of the Biblical teaching on money, or just using it as bias in order to prove your point. Do you really think the Bible teaches that the rich Christian ought to just give all their money away? Did Jesus really mean for the example o ... (more)
  • 1/3/10 @ 17:56

    Satya Agraha

    Ha! I wish I had discovered this video sooner, because it is instantly my favorite. As far as politics go, I think both sides are fool of morons, and that's probably true. The way I see it, government shouldn't even be the issue. To correctly govern people, small communities where everyone looks after each, and does everything for the good of everyone else above him or herself (as dictated many ti ... (more)
  • 12/8/09 @ 11:17


    Ow. Context man... Okay, speaking as a Christian, I see what you mean, hypocrisy is the largest problem in the church. As for giving money to the poor, it is a good thing, but not always the best. The bible says (2 Thesalonians 3:10, NIV translation) For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: "If a man will not work, he shall not eat." A man doesn't have a job, so he can't eat ... (more)
  • 7/1/09 @ 13:38


    the governments job is not to take care of poor people, it is the church’s job, you are correct.

  • 2/24/09 @ 13:11


    I've posted this video on my Libertarian affiliate's web site - It's funny reading comments about the Dem and Rep interpretations of liberalism and conservatism. It's as though some people missed the point entirely - If the Dems and Reps really lived up to their promises or platforms, we would still be living out the vision of our nation's forefathers. Ideologies are the vehicles ... (more)
  • 9/13/08 @ 6:29


    That wasnt totally true. Conservatism is based on individual right. You have the right to keep any money you've earned. You do not have the right to tell John Doe to give his money to the government. Smaller government gives more power to the people as individuals, which is what America is based on. We fought communism, when you have to share everything you have earned with everyone else. So ... (more)
  • 9/11/08 @ 15:09


    wow, what long and intense posts. Great show as always.

  • 8/1/08 @ 9:25


    2 of my father in law’s favorite topics. The third is sports, not so agrumentative unless you don’t like the teams he does.

  • 6/24/08 @ 17:31


    i agree with you nospinplease and i have read glenn becks books and watched his show. i am also a conservative from the same stand point as you but i disagree with the part on conservatives in this video because not all conservatives are like that unless you are really really far right. wich im not. i never use religon with my politics. i just never do because im not christian. im not anything, i ... (more)
  • 6/24/08 @ 14:35


    I am Conservative from the stand point of everyone is CREATED equal. If you read Glenn Becks book he shows you what happens when you change that statement to what our forefathers meant it to be. Liberals want people to become equal, but that is not what our forefathers wanted. The conservative view really changes from their so I guess you could say I am a constitutionalist.

  • 5/30/08 @ 15:17


  • 5/13/08 @ 17:02


    I forgot to mention above ;) One of the very basic reasons the Nazi regimes is considered Ultra Right Wing is because of how their basic ideology compares to the ideology of Communists. Some of the main tenets behind Communism (the extreme far left) are forced equal distribution of wealth and resources for all, forced equal responsibility of productivity from all, and supposedly equality for ... (more)
  • 5/13/08 @ 16:42

    Danny B

    Just wanted to say I agree with your comments on Christian conservatives. I believe in smaller federal government, but I also believe that those of us who are Christians need to be more concerned with our “neighbor” than many of us currently are.

  • 5/12/08 @ 23:34


    Sorry John Bay, Can't help the long post, anyway, it's good to read, and good to embrace the marketplace of ideas. I think some may be missing the fact that Mr Curly Hair is capping on both the left and the right, whether they be Christian or not, Democrat or Republican or not (generally speaking Democrats are liberals of some sort and Republicans are conservative of some sort, so whats the pro ... (more)
  • 5/10/08 @ 13:25


    Please forgive all the prejudiced and biased people who think you should be able to cram into five minutes what it would take half the books in the Library of Congress to cover totally accurately. These critics don't seem to grasp that simple fact. What I hear you doing is giving me some basic principles about differences that I can use to do some critical thinking and objective analysis on my ... (more)
  • 5/8/08 @ 8:54


    well done, guy

  • 5/5/08 @ 2:49


    This was amazing i loved this 1 keep up the good work

  • 5/2/08 @ 13:50


    @motr_man "So many non-arguments cleverly disguised to look like relevant points." Not making an argument. I'm asking a question that I would really like an answer to. Everyone seems to "know" that Communism and Fascism are the extreme opposites of the right-left political spectrum. How exactly? What is the scale? "Socialist is a word. Just because it appears in a parties’ name doe ... (more)
  • 5/2/08 @ 10:42


    This was an excellent overview of beliefs, political and religious, and he makes excellent points in regards to Christian behavior. If we as Christians truly did what Jesus calls us to do as written in Matthew 5 and 6 the government could get out of the charity business and stop taking my money and giving it to things I don't agree with or believe in. For Keith; As a Christian I am not against ... (more)
  • 5/2/08 @ 0:02


    This was a difficult episode for me to watch, as I unashamedly call myself a liberal. The distinction between conservative/liberal is often treated only in political terms, i.e., what should the role of government taxation/program be? None, some, lots, total? America seems to fall into the "some" camp, most of Europe into the "lots" camp. I have seen the benefits of both of these camps first h ... (more)
  • 5/1/08 @ 23:48

    John Bay

    Death to the long posts! If you can’t speak your mind in 100 characters or less, you should be cut o

  • 5/1/08 @ 23:35


    To Scott, Adam and JJ,
    I think you guys all totally missed the point. Maybe you should go back to Monday's episode on having an open mind. You don't have to agree with everything they said, but none of you seemed to considering the other side and it makes you look like knee-jerk reactionaries.

    JJ - Why so bent out of shape that they applied their own "interpretation" to w ... (more)
  • 5/1/08 @ 18:17


    Scott I completely agree, you said basically the same thing I was going to say and was thinking when he said it in the video- Nazis were not extreme right/ultra conservative like so many people think today. This is touted by so much of the media and the left today and has become "common knowledge" but like so many other things like that, it is just wrong, inaccurate. The Nazi party was, exactly ... (more)
  • 5/1/08 @ 18:08


    I am of the opinion that not only Christians, but Americans in general, would be even more giving than they already are (we are the most giving nation on the planet) if the government didn’t take so much of what we earned away. Good Show.

  • 5/1/08 @ 9:15


    I have never understood how Communists = left and Nazis = right. Everyone seems to know that Nazis were ultra-conservative. How exactly? Were they for limited government? No. Did they promote individualism and personal responsibility over the "collective good"? No. Were they the National Socialist German Worker's Party? Yes. Socialism is not typically held to be conservatism. ... (more)
  • 5/1/08 @ 8:39


    Ha! Beautiful! Keep it coming, my good man.

    Not that you’re “my” man… I er… okay, nevermind.

  • 5/1/08 @ 8:30

    Laura B

    Wow! I love this site! I’m sure some are “deeply offended” by what’s here, but the truth hurts! Loved the Gobal Warming “Alarmism” stuff. So true! I remember in high school hearing about the Acid Rain Doomsday. Maybe I missed it? When did it happen? Holy Cow! I missed Doomsday!

  • 5/1/08 @ 5:31

    Jeff Green

    While I would certainly agree with your point yesterday that alarmism is a bad thing, you did forget one crucial word in your discussion of CO2 - excessive. I'll not go into detail here and I'll save that for the [22] convention you're holding in the NY Metro area. As for today's show about liberals and conservatives, it's like you've been reading my daily posts for the past 6 years and I can a ... (more)
  • 5/1/08 @ 2:49


    Great show again guys. While I do agree with JJ's statement that liberalism and conservatism are ideologies and not parties, liberals and conservatives tend to make their political homes in one or the other major party. I do, however, still think that most politicians want what they believe is right for the country but are all to willing to give up their integrity in order to try to have their par ... (more)
  • 5/1/08 @ 0:18


    You are now in my favs. :)

  • 4/30/08 @ 21:31

    Todd Winn

    In the scope of the WYOTK time frame I felt this one was entertaining and to the point. Sure there were broad generalizations and there have to be in this time frame. Point is there are people on both sides that don’t fit in this discussion, but the stereo types were spot on! Now that’s enlightened entertainment! Especially if it caused you to pause and think for a moment.

  • 4/30/08 @ 21:17


    I thought that the global warming episode was good but this one was very presumptuous. Liberals and conservatives are not parties, they are ideologies. Yes, parties exist to maintain their power but those ideologies are not parties. Ideologies are the paradigms that dictate actions. There is a big difference and this episode lumped parties and ideologies into one. As far as "Christians" go, ... (more)

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