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I am a man on a mission. A mission to be cheap.

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I am a man on a mission. A mission to be cheap. You know what really fries my potatoes? When you try to contact a big business that should have a huge 1-800 number in blazing text all over their website, but you can’t, because they, like me, are cheap, and try to hide that number so that cheap people like me can’t call them for hours at a time on their dime and make them employ hundreds of tech support jockies to cater to my every whim. Yeah. That pretty much fries my potatoes.

And then the double whammy comes in when the only tech support number I can find is a long-distance one, and cheap as I am, I don’t have long-distance on my lad line, I use my cell phone for that, so that means that if I want to talk to a real person instead of waiting for an automated email response, I have to brave hours of waiting and burning through my cell phone minutes like I’m at a redneck bonfire, hoping that someone will pick up the line and resolve my problem before I have to hang up and wait until next month to call again. I can not afford to waste all those minutes. I am just too cheap. Do you ever feel like that? That’s why we’re friends, isn’t it. We understand each other.

That’s why below we’ve posted a list of wonderful, secret 800 numbers you might be interested in. You know, just on the off-chance that you have an issue you want to resolve, and you don’t want to have to pay while you wait to resolve it.

I like using my money and minutes for other things. You know, like talking to people I want to talk to. Not businesses that I have to talk to. You know, like businesses that unlawfully take away my domain name so the site is down the entire weekend. That’s why Monday’s show was a no-go. Thank you, Their 800 number was easy to find. Courteous customer service wasn’t.

But I digress. Free is free, and if you have any secret 800 numbers that you want us to post, put them down in the comments. And if an 800 number ever says to hang up and dial a different number to talk to exciting, new people, it’s probably not the company you were trying to reach. And dialing that number will likely cost you $3.99 a minute. And no phone call is worth that.

So you’re going to tell me my real future? Seriously? Can you tell me how to be outrageously successful and make all my dreams come true? Wait, how much a minute? No way! My dreams aren’t worth that.

Transcribed by: Erin S.

800 Numbers
800-201-7575 (Toll free, US and Canada)
877-586-3230 (Canada only)
877-251-0696 (Seller Support)
866-348-2492 (Rebate Status)
206-266-2992 (International)
866-785-2636 (yahoo! Publisher Network Support)

Not really secret but …
American Airlines; 1-800-433-7300
British Airways; 1-800-247-9297
Continental Airlines; 1-800-525-0280
Delta Airlines; 1-800-221-1212
JetBlue Airways; 1-800-538-2583
Midwest Airlines; 1-800-452-2022
Southwest Airlines; 1-800-435-9792
United Airlines; 1-800-241-6522
US Airways; 1-800-428-4322
Virgin Atlantic; 1-800-862-8621

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  • 8/27/08 @ 21:26


    Another piece of cheap is to call 1-800-GOOG-411 and request the phone number of a business in another city — even if you already have the number, they connect you for free and you can wait on hold for hours on Google’s dime. Thank you Google!

  • 7/30/08 @ 7:30


    For those who don’t have a free 411 on thier cell phone 800 555 TELL is a great free number for business searches, driving directions, even news and weather. I use it all the time.

  • 7/27/08 @ 15:02

    Christian Johnson



  • 7/25/08 @ 21:09


    Disney doesn’t even offer a 1-800 number.

  • 7/20/08 @ 15:23

    Bill Quimby

    The situation you mention at the end of your video about being directed to another 800-400-TALK or whatever numbers they're using now "for exciting people nationwide" is one company that has millions of toll free numbers just waiting to get wrong numbers, called Primetel. They have more 800 numbers than every AT&T customer combined and make millions of dollars per month on people stupid enoug ... (more)
  • 7/18/08 @ 7:08


    Redneck bonfire?! Where the heck are you guys hanging out?

  • 7/16/08 @ 20:33


    it’s too bad the denary person to comment didn’t call it out.

    way to drop the ball.

    also, the 800 number to [22] is:



  • 7/16/08 @ 15:43


    Wowzie… I’m to late to make use of those. I came back to the dull and flat Netherlands this afternoon and now I have this huge jet lag. California is AWSOME…

    It’s good to be back to WYOTK, I have a lot of shows to catch up too, @ Winn Brothers, expect some nice pictures coming your way soon ;)

  • 7/16/08 @ 12:10

    The Brothers Winn

    Can’t post it here. It’s secret. So secret even we don’t know about it. But there is a local number I can give you.

  • 7/16/08 @ 12:03


    What’s the 1-800 number to [22]?

  • 7/16/08 @ 12:01


    LOL. That last part was funny. Your dreams are worth that-just not paying someone else for them. (Cue the inspirational music) BE the 1-800 number of your own destiny…(just pay yourself instead)

  • 7/16/08 @ 11:49


    ? i didnt post that twice…

  • 7/16/08 @ 11:49


    @the first comment:
    Now you have to delete your comment because its Off Topic…

    And mine, couse its OT also :)

  • 7/16/08 @ 11:49


    @the first comment:
    Now you have to delete your comment because its Off Topic…

    And mine, couse its OT also :)

  • 7/16/08 @ 9:29

    Mark F

    In regards to my previous post, I should say the rating of the quality of customer service, not the phone number itself.

  • 7/16/08 @ 9:27

    Mark F

    This is a pretty sweet site:

    It lists 800 numbers for thousands of businesses, PLUS the fastest way to get to a real live person, and the rating of the quality of that number. I’ve used it a lot, I love it.

    (NOTE: I have no affiliation with, I just find it useful).

  • 7/16/08 @ 8:44


    If you were to look at the older shows (I mean way older, like the first 4 months) you will see that I was the only one to comment, until other people got on that band wagon and started posting as well. Anyway, I was first and only and I never said I was first. I guess I mention that because now I am never first and I miss the top spot. PS-Great show!

  • 7/16/08 @ 8:44


    Somewhere out there, there must be a pre-fab forum that automatically deletes any first post containing the word “first”. Hopefully it also gets rid of any post that says “check out my blog”.

  • 7/16/08 @ 6:56


    wow! i’m the sixteenth!!…..
    ok, well that wasn’t as exciting as i thought i would be

  • 7/16/08 @ 6:41

    Look Behind You

    another fantastic show!…thanks

  • 7/16/08 @ 3:37


    Get godaddy.. I get all my domains on godaddy, easy to manage.. And if you need it, get a VPS account.. If you go to my site , that’s running on a Godaddy VPS. I own several domains, sometimes I buy them on a whim, but if you own a VPS with them, you can assign as many domains as you want to the VPS, and there is so much throughput you may never use it all..

  • 7/15/08 @ 19:43

    Rabble of Redheads

    Nice one Brothers Winn. Now solve this: trying to call britian to resolve old bank issues. First you can’t understand them…second they can’t understand you…and thrid they give you the run around for going on…two years!!! BLimey!

  • 7/15/08 @ 19:38


    Thank goodness you’re back. We hate it when you’re on vacation. We go through withdrawls. And the website not coming up at all?!?!? That’s just too much. Glad to see you back.

  • 7/15/08 @ 19:04


    to get contact information for free


  • 7/15/08 @ 18:52


    Thanks for all the phone numbers. Helpful! Why are you commenting on your own show? lol!

  • 7/15/08 @ 18:50


    Thanks for the secret numbers im sure ill be coming back here and using those. great show again. Lol. That really fries my potatoes is my new phrase =P… Sorry for stealing it. And i dont know why people say first i did it once just because everyone else does.

  • 7/15/08 @ 18:49


    My mom likes to use 1-800-555-1212 to find toll free numbers for companies. It sounds like a fake number, but it really works (though I haven’t tried it lately).

  • 7/15/08 @ 17:20


    Thanks for this video by the way. Wish I could edit comments…

  • 7/15/08 @ 17:19


    Because people can’t think of anything else to say and they think it counts for something.

  • 7/15/08 @ 17:18


    third…crap, now I did it too… is a site run by AT&T that has a 800 number lookup…pretty useful…

  • 7/15/08 @ 17:15


    Brothers Winn-
    I love that you too are cheap and germophobic. They like to do live chats online but I find it incredibly annoying. If you want to talk to a real person the number is:
    1-800-The-BIG-O (843-2446).
    I swear this is their real number.

  • 7/15/08 @ 16:53



  • 7/15/08 @ 16:45

    The Brothers Winn

    First! Why do people write that? Wait … why did I just write that?

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