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Have you seen that video by Rob Bryanton called "Imagining the tenth dimension"?

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Hey, have you seen that video by Rob Bryanton called “Imagining the tenth dimension”? Great video. You might want to watch it before you watch this show. It will make a lot more sense if you do. We’ll put up a link. Maybe.

From Star Trek to Heroes to Back to the Future just about every sci-fi show you have ever seen that deals with time travel relies on the theory of a multiverse. First let me explain why and then I’ll explain what a multi-verse is. But we also need to talk about how linear time works, so let’s start with that.

Okay, so You find a time machine and you realize that if you use it you can go back in time and save your mom from an accidental death or maybe a bad hair day.
The problem is you can’t possibly succeed because if you did then you never would have gone back in time to save your mom. It’s called a paradox and it makes time travel a total waste of… time. Why do you make me say things like that?

But that’s not the only problem. If you did go back in time, fate would somehow have to prevent you from making changes that affected your future. Especially your decision to come back in time. Your actions would somehow have to be controlled to prevent disaster. I mean, imagine if future-you accidentally ran over past-you. That would not only spoil the whole trip but it would also be impossible because there would be no way for you to go back in time and run yourself over because you would already be dead. Big me just killed little me. Bummer. It’s just a little bit of a problem.

With only one time line you would find time travel is absolutely no fun because you couldn’t change anything. I mean no matter what you go back to do you would have already had to have done it to get you to the point where you would want to go back to do it. Again. But it would still be the first time. I mean am I the only one that doesn’t think that would work out well?

There is, maybe, a good reason why time flows in one direction like your plumbing. The only way to make time travel cool again is to have alternate time lines. So, you know, you leave your timeline and you change something and you enter a new timeline and leave the old one behind. My question is if you go back in time and you branch into an alternate timeline then where did the old you go?
I mean, did you switch places? Is he stuck back in the old universe getting dumped on with his life sucking? Why should you be the version of you that gets to get out of all your problems? Or is it even you anymore? Oooo.

That’s the basic idea of the multiverse. Multiple universes branching off of each other to fix your mom’s hair problem. Rob explains the 10th dimension in his video saying there are an infinite amount of universes with an infinite amount of possibilities and an infinite amount of timelines. So paradox problem solved!

Wait, no. There is another problem. An even bigger paradox. By the time we hit the tenth dimension we are talking about all possibilities across all timelines in all dimensions. This means that EVERYTHING that can be, IS.
Somewhere out there. So, somewhere in the multiverse and all the plurality of space time you’re Batman. Even if you are woman. Yeah and there’s one where I am the president of the galaxy! I wanna switch with that timeline.

Now here is the thing every outcome is not only possible, it’s required. So there is a universe where Captain Kirk wears tinfoil bikinis and Dental hygiene is totally unnecessary and gravity has been reversed but only on Thursdays. I dunno. Are we taking this idea too far? When the playing field is all possibilities across all time, everywhere, in all dimensions you really can’t take it too far.

Here is the real grinder. Somewhere out there is a being with power to utterly destroy all matter across all dimensions at his will. And he’s called The Great Ugymachu. Remember infinite physics possibilities makes this possible. And there is a version of this being that can not only do it, but has done it already and if it’s been done, or it’s being done and there is no going back, then everything has already been destroyed. So … you don’t exist. And neither do I. I mean maybe we used to. But no at some point the Ugymachu destroyed us before we were even formed. Wow. That’s deep. That’s like way down in the plumbing.

But if that’s possible then the anti-Ugymachu would have come out and prevented it all from happening, so we are still here. So if all possibilities have to happen across all dimensions which one is it? Paradox, flows downward like time and plumbing.

The problem with the multiverse is it creates just as many questions as it tries to answer maybe even more. That is a lot of questions. It’s like infinite questions across infinite spaces across infinite time in infinite dimensions.

Yep. Time travel sucks. The only way it really makes sense is if you can’t change anything. Just one timeline. Me and you and our pathetic lives. Downhill. Like the plumbing.

Am I doing it again? Am I doing it in the multiverse? Wait if I time travel and we did this over again would it be better than it is now? Not likely.

If I met me in an alternate dimension would I even like alternate me? Probably not. I’d want to supplant alternate me.

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Rob Bryanton’s video

Read Rob’s comment about our video. And you can read more on Rob’s Blog.

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  • 4/22/15 @ 18:49

    Blue Coaster33

    The Ships’s Voyages

    I believe engineering just makes it worse. Now there’s a channel to in no way care, now there wouldn’t be a opportunity for them to find.

  • 11/18/14 @ 2:58


    The Slave of the Husband

    Seeking ahead to researching added from you afterward!…

  • 2/9/14 @ 20:10

    Poking Fun at the Multiverse Idea . . . | UFOreligions

    […] got to check out this video.  Yeah, it’s funny – and pointed as well.  You multiverse fans may not want to watch. […]

  • 6/10/11 @ 11:49

    The Perspicacious Loris

    My dad and I loved Rob’s video….the idea of multiple infinities was hilarious.

  • 5/19/11 @ 15:34


    Note: Multi-verse means that there are times and spaces that CAN NOT interact AT ALL. If there were even a hair in common between any of them, it is again a universe, meaning that everything is connected. So if there were that being, then it is again a universe, meaning that all things don't have to be possible, meaning that it doesn't exist, meaning that it is a multiverse, meaning that........ ... (more)
  • 4/11/11 @ 0:48


    Correction: One trinity is 1×3 and that is three.

  • 4/11/11 @ 0:46


    There is a falacy in Rob's analysis. If there is such thing as a point, nothing exists there because it is really infinitely small. If something existed there, it really isn't a point. Two such points don't exist either because both are nothings and and there is existing no line which is a series of non-existing points; same for the third plane of points. This whole concept of "points' is only ... (more)
  • 9/8/09 @ 10:24


    Hello all! First post here on the comments, I felt that I should bring in my own reflections on the subject of multiverses and dimensions. Before I do that, I want to compliment the Winn brothers for this wonderful podcast. I love the quirky humor that intersects the researched information, and the format stays clean and easy to follow. Great job! So here goes: The first thing I would lik ... (more)
  • 8/22/09 @ 0:43


    omg i spent most of jr. high thinking how time travel was undoable yet never thought about different timelines where i was batman, dang……
    sigh i made up to 2:30 on my own ideas if only i havee thought of the rest, i would have been put into a super school

  • 7/19/09 @ 1:30



  • 7/19/09 @ 1:15


    Salutations, WYOTK fans, and other people surfing the web, who will, soon be a WYOTK fans,( WYOTK fans and soon to be WYOTK fans). I am writing this post in order to comment on the message of azurensis. Now, your message contains a lot...lol. The basis of your Message is reliant on the rules of classical physics and relativity. Now, perhaps your not aware but since the establishment of classical m ... (more)
  • 3/25/09 @ 12:03


    I disagree with your basic assumption that the multiverse implies that anything that could happen must happen somewhere. If our universe, the one with our set of physical laws as we understand them is a multiverse, with each moment branching off into many (but not necessarily infinite) different scenarios, each moment is contingent on the moment before it, and no particle can communicate informati ... (more)
  • 3/16/09 @ 9:40

    Meandering {207}

    This episode was great. Very inventive and full of paradoxes or is that paradie? Who knows, just like the idea of time travel. I think Rob’s explanation of the 10th dimension was lacking because he didn’t mention the Flux Compasitor.

  • 3/11/09 @ 14:05


    I have to agree with PKW in that the 7th dimension really doesn't represent infinity, as infinity has no beginning and end. This still begs the question of what was before the big bang? I know that's a somewhat unrelated issue (and charged with tons of religious connotations), but if you really are imagining all possibilities you have to think about ones with no beginning and end. And, that's wher ... (more)
  • 3/11/09 @ 7:52


    Yosemite rocks

  • 3/10/09 @ 19:49


    I will admit that it took me a while to get the dimensions and how you travel from one to the other, but I think I get it now. I sound even more like a dork now when I talk about anything being possible because it's possible in the 10th dimension. People have no idea what I am talking about so I am forced to explain. well paradoxes, fun times. I dont think the other dimension me would like me eith ... (more)
  • 3/8/09 @ 20:43


    This is the first WYOTK video I ever watched, and only because a friend forced me to watch the video about the tenth dimension..I have become thoroughly addicted, and wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put in to make these so amazing.

  • 3/8/09 @ 15:17


    wow i actually understood that :O thats very unusual

  • 3/7/09 @ 10:11

    steph {207}

    So does that mean in the 10th dimension that I or anyone of us could be the Ugimachoo? That we could be the ones destroying ourselves? Hmmm… So thats probably one of the reasons that most geniuses went crazy and nuts.

  • 3/6/09 @ 6:03


    Hi Brothers Winn, just to let you know I’ve published a blog entry this morning thanking you guys for what you’ve created here.



    Rob Bryanton
    Imagining the Tenth Dimension

  • 3/6/09 @ 4:02


    Heh, this went from physics all the way through philisophy into plumbing. Wouldn’t have it any other way.
    And thanks for the link to the tenth dimension video. I was wondering for a long time about how all this dimension stuff was supposed to work but I didn’t get it at all. Now at least I understand what it’s all about.

  • 3/5/09 @ 16:10


    Hi Brothers Winn, thanks for mentioning my animation, I really enjoyed your fun discussion of these ideas. Over at the Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog, I've posted a link to your entry in my Interesting Links section. I also have over 200 movies posted on YouTube, there's other ones that expand on the ideas from this 11-minute animation you're talking about, which is basically just the ideas ... (more)
  • 3/4/09 @ 20:48


    Here’s the one that always got me… what if dimensions do not even exist. What if they were just mental constructs developed by our conceptual faculity to explain specific relationships between things. Then again, maybe I’m just slower than everyone else.

    Great show, keep it up!

  • 3/4/09 @ 20:26


    Aha! Yes! This is the old argument I used to have with my siblings. We called the two theories the “Bill and Ted” theory of time travel (where you couldn’t really change anything that happens in the past) and the “Back to the Future” theory (where you can). I always preferred the “B’n'T” myself. Makes much more sense to me.

  • 3/4/09 @ 17:37

    thorondor {207}

    I think this is my favorite show yet. Well done, Winn bros!

  • 3/4/09 @ 10:03

    Strider M

    The thing is the only way we accept dimensions above the 3rd is that it negates our senses... We can see dimensions 1 through 3. But we cannot see the 4th dimension. Yeah we understand time. But we can't see it. You might argue that we can see time through the use of pictures and video cameras which may be true except we're viewing it through a TV which can only display something in the 2nd ... (more)
  • 3/4/09 @ 8:26


    Wait! You’re forgetting the universe comprised entirely of shrimp!!! (thank you to those of you who actually got the joke)

  • 3/4/09 @ 8:02


    I had a paradox with my plumbing the other day... no it didn't flow backwards... the water was just at an alternate point in the pipes then it should have been.... Maybe there is a third, sixth, or ninth dimension to plumbing. Anyways, don't fret about the president of the galaxy other Winn... remember the great Douglas Adams taught us that the president has no power, he is just a figure head, ... (more)
  • 3/4/09 @ 2:56



    That was an awesome show as always!

    Just a shame we cant binge watch the show anymore.

  • 3/3/09 @ 20:51


    I envision time as a stream. Flowing from point A to B if you go back and change how the stream flows you change only what flows comes after you. When you return your flow is still the same. However the flow that comes behind you is changed. You never know the change but the matter in the stream flows in a different way because of your actions.

  • 3/3/09 @ 20:22


    OK- he lost me at the 7th dimension when he put the "big bang" cap on one end, and a big splat on the other, then called it infinity. Once he named the end points, it was no longer infinity, because it had a defined beginning and end, and by definition, infinity has neither. We don't think he understands infinity. Husband would like me to mention Red Dwarf and the paradox of the second gunman o ... (more)
  • 3/3/09 @ 20:02


    Wow... I was actually just reading a free online novel that covers a lot of these issues, called "Light of Ar" (yeah, that's where I got my screen name, I admit it). The author is re-writing it from its original version, and the first 19 chapters are currently up to read at www.LightOfAr.com. Chapter 19 talks a little about some of these theories, though... The whole book's a definite must-rea ... (more)
  • 3/3/09 @ 19:29


    Traveling back in time was pretty easy. I just pressed that black dot that was moving left to right under your video and slid it more to the left. You wound up doing and saying the same things, so I guess going back in time didn’t change anything.

  • 3/3/09 @ 19:01


    I’m wondering if we’re making a basic mistake thinking we CAN totally understand reality… But, hey, I’ve nothing against trying!
    … Especially if it triggers such a humorous episode from Brothers Winn! :-)

  • 3/3/09 @ 18:48


    also if you want a cool subject go for the Fermi paradox ;)

  • 3/3/09 @ 18:48


    due to poor understanding of time i suggest you read up on: http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=the-cosmic-origins-of-times-arrow on the current understanding of time and because you seem to mix dimensions with universes you might want to listen to:
    that puts it quite well.

  • 3/3/09 @ 16:20


    Go Ugimachoo Gooooo!!

  • 3/3/09 @ 15:13


    Do you guys really understand this stuff, or are you just rambling with lots of science-y jargon mixed in? Maybe in an alternate universe, you guys did an episode on my suggestion in the suggestion box! (manga)

  • 3/3/09 @ 15:05


    Isn’t it wonderful? I could be a supermodel and Batwoman at the same time!!!!! And still everything would go down the drain!

  • 3/3/09 @ 15:01


    I would vote for you as the President of the Galaxy at this point I would vote for your as President of the USA!

  • 3/3/09 @ 14:58

    Rob B

    I love paradoxes. So confusing

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