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Spelling Matters December 1st, 2010 Metric vs Imperial

Xs and Os; which ones are the hugs and which ones are the kisses?

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So I was writing a note to a friend, a “she” friend, and I wanted to put something cute at the end. Like an emoticon happy. =) What do they call that one. Smiley? ;)

So I figured I’d do that little hugs and kisses thing. XOXO… XO, for good measure. Oh that could be a problem. We don’t have that kind of relationship – the kissing kind. We’re just friends for now! And likely forever if she sees this video. Eh, I’ll chance it.

Anyhow I wanted to use the XO thing, but without the kissing part, and I just wasn’t sure is that the Xs or the Os. Quite the conundrum. Almost a quandary. So I looked it up. Cause that is what we do. And it turns out nobody else knows either.

The name Hugs and Kisses implies that the Xs are Hugs and the Os are kisses. And that makes sense because when you hug somebody your arms cross like Xs and a kiss is generally O shaped. At least normally it’s o-shaped. [Opening mouth with tounge sticking out.] My little nephew used to kiss that way. He kissed everybody that way. [Camera Guy: Even animals.]

Back to the point. There are a few other sources out there that back up the theory – so that’s the way it is. Xs are hugs and Os are kisses. Problem solved. Except that when you keep digging there are other people who claim that since 1789 it’s been the other way around. So hugs are Os and Xs are kisses. I know you thought those Os with slashes through them were zeros but they’re actually a half hug going in for first base.

So not only is it one of those hotly contested totally irrelevant things, but I did all that research and I still didn’t know which one to use. I mean after all I really don’t want her getting the wrong idea… or maybe I do.

Then I thought about it and I came to my senses… and decided to send triple Os. No matter which is which I am sending triple Os because if I do it the other way around, it would REALLY give her the wrond idea. [XXX]

Sending triple X whether it means hugs or kisses just comes off sketchy. Or creepy. Or something beyond creepy. And that’s not me, not yet. Give me a couple of decades. Creepy is in the long term plan.

So best case she “gets it” and you know cuteness achieved. Worse case, she’ll think I really want to kiss her. I have enough problems with women as is. [Opening mouth with tounge sticking out.]

So that’s it. Nobody knows. So use triple O. Unless you’re creepy.

My favorite emoticon is the happy cyclops. •) But most people just think it’s a typo. Cyclops. Cyclops getting excited. Angry Cyclops.

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  • 1/1/13 @ 18:29


    Well, it’s been about two years. How did she react?

  • 6/8/11 @ 21:09

    Meandering {207}

    For me x=kiss because its the naughtier of the two. Ha, I said naughty.

  • 6/1/11 @ 15:58

    The Perspicacious Loris

    •_• Frog

  • 2/21/11 @ 12:10


    He most likely has a whole lot nephews. I mean he has 5 brothers

  • 2/9/11 @ 15:56


    I want to date this guy.

  • 2/9/11 @ 3:19


    Just as long as she’s not an Aussie. Triple-0 is our 911. She may think you’re wishing something bad on her. On the other hand, XXXX is beer.

  • 2/6/11 @ 14:34


    Ok…Just started watching this show yesterday and I have already crammed like 120 videos!! I love this show!

  • 1/4/11 @ 11:17


    Aaaangry cyclops…Oh, and the X’s are the kisses. Everybody knows that. Just ask them.

  • 1/1/11 @ 13:35


    @The Brothers Winn – “Option 8″? Not sure what you mean by “option”, unless you’re talking about a Mac, in which case I would say most computers out there don’t have that key, or anything like it. I can do shift 8 (*), but don’t see anything that will make that symbol…

    That said, loved the show o)

  • 12/28/10 @ 22:30


    Wait! Hold it! I just relized! Is the little nephew Jason?! Hooray for Jason!

  • 12/14/10 @ 12:30


    X’s are kisses. It dates back to when people would sign papers with an “X”, but to show that they were true and honest, they would kiss the X to show their sincerity in the matter. Hence, X’s are kisses.
    I have no idea where the O’s came from.

  • 12/10/10 @ 20:01


    Oh no! They didn’t show up! dang!

  • 12/10/10 @ 20:00


    My favorite emotiocon is… / Dumbledore and his wand
    Dumbledore lost his wand
    :(> Dumbledore found out Voldemort took his wand
    (:~) / Snape or voldemort with his wand
    Ahh… Emoticons. I could rewrite Harry potter with them.

  • 12/7/10 @ 11:49


    You should do a show about hot chocolate! The easiest way to make some, the hardest way, etc. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!


  • 12/7/10 @ 2:07


    And I ask you, no shows yet on the outrages towards the Muslim community over the supposed mosques that will/may/may not be constructing in New York? Or are you guys getting “yell-er” on me? Constructive proactive political and religious outrage, they say! Or, well, someone told me it was, but I stopped listening to their rant at about that time…

  • 12/7/10 @ 2:02


    Hmm... OOO? If I saw that, I would ask, "What is that? 'Oooh'? Or 'OOO...h, no'? 'Uh oh', perhaps? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY???" See, I am a simplistic realistic problem solver. Get to the point. Why don't you just save yourself the trouble of all the searching and pondering, and write "Hugs"? Does it not take just as long? Not, OOO. Oh no! One extra letter.... forbidden fruit. XOXO ... X ... (more)
  • 12/6/10 @ 7:02


    Just use both to make sure your right… and no point hiding the fact that your a creeper, its going to come out eventually.

  • 12/5/10 @ 23:55


    Hey BrothersWinn could you do a show on Companies tracking you through browser cookies? This seems like a serious invasion of privacy and I’m wondering what the implications are. Thanks!

  • 12/5/10 @ 19:31


    I actually do know the answer. A kiss has been traditionally used as a kiss for a very long time, at least 200 years but where does it come from? Well, the idea was that it was Cristos, as in Christ and you then kissed the word Cristos as a sign of faith. This was then shortened to xtos (probably because the fancy-pants writing that was used by the monks communicating in this way meant you w ... (more)
  • 12/3/10 @ 19:08


    X are kisses, O are hugs. Always have been, always will be.

  • 12/3/10 @ 2:47


    thanks. for the cyclops emoticons.


    I had already decided on the OOO thing… When I was 5… Yeah I never use that at all anymore just because. you will never see it again unless your friend is creepy or old. But you aren’t. which one you will never know.

  • 12/3/10 @ 1:16


    Hey Mr.B, Do you think i could do a walk by on one of your shows sometime? You know like Alfred Hitchcock used to do in his movies? It would definately have to be to prove a point on the subject matter. I just thought it would be funny. No, i haven’t been drinking!!!!

  • 12/3/10 @ 1:11


    D( love the angry cyclops!

  • 12/3/10 @ 1:09


    Mr.B, I have always know it to be kiss=x hug=o sogood job in ‘keeping it safe’ Keep up the good work you two. Really, it’s refreshing to be able to go to a site that is not only funny but, intelligent. -Ryan-

  • 12/1/10 @ 23:30

    The Brothers Winn

    @Moongazer27 – “Option 8″ on most computers makes bullet point. •)

  • 12/1/10 @ 23:16


    •) how did you do this? which key(s) do you use to get this?

  • 12/1/10 @ 20:37


    xo looks like someone squinting with there mouth open and xoxo just looks like theirs two of them. what do you think?

  • 12/1/10 @ 20:13



  • 12/1/10 @ 18:41


    If your nephew mentioned is the famous Jason, just know that my autie daughter did the same thing – except only to a couple of people she tolerated being close to. But same shape. :)

  • 12/1/10 @ 18:38


    Love it…Aaaangry cyclops!!! I never knew which one was hugs or kisses either, I think the whole point is that we aren’t supposed to know, we just know what XOXO means. i’m all for the triple-O…so long as it’s done as OOO and not written as “triple-O,” ‘cuz that looks creepier than XXX =)

  • 12/1/10 @ 18:33

    Tsir Ah Xuan

    XOXO is for hand-writing, I think. Coz putting a smiley on a letter is weird, I tried, and it didn’t work.
    Another thing, XOXO is for girls, they do that with friends literally. Observe the Gossip Girl series on TV. Hehe. (^^,)d

  • 12/1/10 @ 18:08

    Brianne Hadley

    Always been hugs (x) and kisses (o), but I can see it the other way around. Also, I’m not sure that “xoxoxo” would be interpreted quite as literally as you seem to think it would be. Good luck with the triple “o”!

  • 12/1/10 @ 17:55


    I've always thought of it as such: When you kiss, your lips kind of get crinkly, and it kind of looks like an X...or at least an X sort of looks crinkly... When you hug, your arms make a circle. Plus, I couldn't figure out how an X would work with a hug, so I just determined they must be kisses, rationalized it, and determined that it was the best I could do. (I mean, the arms crossing t ... (more)
  • 12/1/10 @ 16:37


    I haven’t seen XOXO forever. No offense, of mighty Brett, but I think you’re being a bit old fashion. Besides that, I believe O’s are the hugs (since when you hug, you make a circle with your arms) and X’s are the kisses. So, good job with the triple-O!

  • 12/1/10 @ 15:17


    I don’t know if it’s typically Dutch, but we never really use XOXOXO… we usually just finish our mails of text messages with X. Which means kiss but then in most cases just a peck on the cheak thingy ;) . So I’ve always seen X’s as kisses.

  • 12/1/10 @ 14:05



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