Create your own emergency preparedness plan

It could be wise to create your own emergency preparedness plan.  It is not hard.  Everyone drives around with a spare tire because flat tires do happen.  It is so much easier to deal with a flat tire when you have a spare with you in the car.

Your preparedness plan is your spare tire.
Emergencies do happen.  Earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, power outages, swine flu pandemics, war, terrorism, economic hard times.  With foresight, a major disaster doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Gather up what you will need in an emergency, ahead of time while the supplies are readily available.  Think now, before the emergency, “what will I need to take care of myself in the event an emergency occurs. Gather up these items and you will be assured of surviving any emergency in greater comfort than if you are caught unprepared

Thinking about these things ahead of time is the key.  Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to think in the midst of a crisis? In the midst of a crisis is the time for action.  Before the crisis is the time for the thinking as is clear in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Emergency Transitions Initiative (MA-RETI).


There is nothing quite like a road map or guidebook when it comes to navigating new areas.  Books can be your greatest resource and save you considerable time and money because you can learn from the author’s experience. How-to books in the field of emergency preparedness are perhaps more important than in any other field because if you do not make the right decisions in putting together your preparedness plan, you may not get a second chance.  This is one area where you do not want to make big mistakes and learn from your experience.

These are just a few books that can help you in putting into place your own preparedness plans. From checklists of what to put into a 72-hour backpack to everything you need to know to be self-sufficient on your own country property to how to help deliver a baby if there is no doctor, these books are worth their weight in gold. You know, a lot of things can be learned in 20 hours or less. To read more on this subject, take a close look at this post.

Air Filtration

Air filtration and safe rooms could very well be a necessary part of your preparedness plans in the near future.  A terrorist attack using nuclear, biological or chemical agents is one scenario.  A swine flu epidemic is another. Make your children also aware of possible threats.

One effective thing you can do for yourself and your family is to have some sort of certified, positive pressure nuclear, biological and chemical air filtration system in your home with a HEPA quality filter. Any air filtration system should ideally have a backup power system in case of power disruption.

Here is a brief description as to how our air filtration systems from American Safe Room operate.  An effective biological air filtration system draws air from the outside of the house via dedicated ducting  It purifies the air and then pumps the purified air, under positive pressure, into the house or into some sort of relatively airtight isolation room. Positive pressure is a pressure greater than the normal air pressure outside of the house. A greater pressure inside the house causes the house, safe room or shelter to become very forgiving in terms of air leaks and infiltration from outside the house.

A good air filter, like the one from American Safe Room, can also be used to create isolation rooms if an individual with a contagious illness needs to be isolated from other people and don’t forget to take a look at this post about fuel stabilizers.