Emergency Kit – Lighting

Bright, carefree and inexpensive lighting for every room of the house is a modern luxury, made possible by electricity since the early 1900s.  Very few of us have any idea what it might be like to live without electric light.  We think, “Oh, we’ll be fine with a few candles and an old-fashioned kerosene lamp.”

To get an accurate picture of what it means to live without electric lights, turn off the fuse switches in your house some dark winter evening. Doing this in advance, when there is no emergency will give you a far better picture of what you need to do to prepare than listening to our advice on the subject.

We carry a variety of candles and flashlights.  It is a good idea to have adequate, safe, non-electric light for every room in your house. This is not only highly recommended but easily achievable. You should also include long-burning candles and flashlights.

Include Radios

Did you notice how long it took family members to find each other after Hurricane Katrina? Prior planning can avoid this painful situation. Most of us are so used to the convenience of telephones and cell phones that we take them for granted as a means of staying in touch with our families. But this type of communication is ultimately dependent on electricity.

When the power goes out, the communication stops so you might need fuel, so check out this fuel stabilizer post.

Staying in touch will greatly improve the psychological health of everyone involved. The unknown is the result of being cut off from what is going on elsewhere. Speculation lends itself to wild imagination, fear, and insecurity. We have all experienced the discomfort of waiting for someone to call or show up. We worry and imagine the worst. This tendency is even greater when real danger threatens.

The radio first and foremost will carry emergency broadcasts put out by the police, government agencies or emergency personnel. With normal communication systems cut off, the only viable source of knowledge about what is happening in other areas – locally, nationally or even internationally – could be a radio. Emergency broadcasts could provide critical information needed to make good decisions. See also this post about water filtration systems.

Include also new batteries

It is not enough to have a radio that works on batteries. In the end, the batteries will run out or even worse, be dead when you really need the radio to work. It is not a good idea to rely on old batteries for anything. Wind-up and solar powered radios are now easy to acquire. So make sure you’ve got your plans in order.