Geothermal Growth Is Surging!

With more and more people wanting to find and use eco-friendly sources of energy that cost less and protect the environment, geothermal power is rapidly gaining in popularity.  Using the consistent temperatures of the earth to heat and cool a home is a cost-effective and green way to stay comfortable no matter the outside temperatures.

Geothermal has become so popular that noted research firms are now taking note.  Frost & Sullivan, a leader in market research, has released a report that reveals that geothermal power will grow from a $1.16 billion dollar market to a $6.89 billion dollar market by 2020.

Why the surge in geothermal popularity? There are a variety of reasons. With the unpredictable nature of energy costs, more individuals and businesses are looking for a heating and cooling alternative – one they know will be reliable, cost-effective and environmentally conscious. Additionally, geothermal options have become more visible with rebates that have been offered by the government.

Finally, with systems that are guaranteed for up to 50 years (yes, 50!) many homeowners see the investment as well worth the cost to know that their monthly heating and cooling bills will be significantly decreased with equipment that is completely reliable. A better choice than other alternative power sources, geothermal’s popularity is growing day by day.

GeoThermal Heating and Cooling Growing In Popularity

Clean and green energy solutions are the hottest topic right now among homeowners and businesses who want to save money and help the environment at the same time. While most people talk about solar power and wind turbines, geothermal has advantages that can’t be beaten Taking the time to evaluate the benefits of geothermal systems can offer you cost-saving, energy-friendly ways to save money every single day.

Geothermal energy systems have a huge advantage over wind turbines and solar power – the advantage of constant access. Unlike wind turbines and solar power, geothermal power is not dependent on a sunny day or constant wind in order to offer benefits to homeowners or businesses.

Geothermal energy is always available, no matter the weather, the season, or the location. Why is this such a significant benefit? Geothermal now represents the foundation of clean energy that you can use and rely on. Sure, you can add solar and wind to your existing system, but geothermal’s reliability offers homeowners and businesses a sure place to start.

Have you looked at geothermal as an option for your home or business? With benefits that surpass solar power and wind power in many areas, geothermal has become the foundation of clean energy living. Have you looked at geothermal? If you haven’t, you should. With increasing popularity, this reliable, affordable energy solution is one that you can take advantage of no matter your location.

Myths About Geothermal

One of the primary reasons that people don’t take more time to investigate the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling is because they simply don’t understand how it works. Because of the lack of understanding, there are many myths that are assumed to be fact.  Here are a few, and the truth behind the geothermal technology:

MYTH: Geothermal is very expensive.
TRUTH: While installing a geothermal system can be more expensive than a traditional HVAC system, the cost savings are just astronomical – so much so that it is almost impossible to compare traditional systems with geothermal. In addition, while traditional HVAC systems may last a decade or so, most geothermal loop systems come with a 55-year warranty.

MYTH: Geothermal needs a backup.
TRUTH: When geothermal systems first hit the market several decades ago, they did need a backup heating and cooling source because they weren’t sized properly. With new technology, your home will stay at a comfortable temperature without having any additional heating and air conditioning sources.

MYTH: Geothermal energy may damage the Earth’s core.
TRUTH: In fact, the core of the Earth is much deeper than any geothermal loop. There is no danger to the Earth’s core by harvesting the energy that is coming from it.

MYTH: A geothermal system can only heat your home to the same temperature of the Earth and that, it can only cool your home to the same temperature as the earth.
TRUTH: Through the use of the compressor and the refrigerant circuit, as in any air conditioning system, a geothermal system can heat your home properly and cool your home to any temperature wanted.

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