My Personal First Aid Kit

My former Army roommate recommended the Israeli Bandage to me when he was visiting me last week. He’s in Afghanistan at least twice a year for several months at a time teaching US troops various things that keep them alive. He says that the Israeli Bandage is a great piece of gear and is worth having in your IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit). He has seen them used on wounded soldiers first hand and he carries at least two of them on his person when he goes out on patrol.

I trust my friend and value his opinion. Aside from his recommendation I also looked into what other people had to say about the bandage and the reviews are pretty good. Like anything that I do to prepare I hope to never have to use this bandage but it will be good to have just in case something goes wrong. I paid under $10 for one of these. I bought several of them for the GO bags, in addition to my Celox Gauze, Celox Clotting granules, and SOFTT-W Tourniquet. I’m hoping this will do the trick if I happen to bust my ass in the middle of nowhere and I need to prevent myself from bleeding out.

If you are reading this I would like to recommend taking a first aid course by the Red Cross. It’s well worth it and if you run into a situation where you have to use these items you will be prepared. Make also sure your entire family is ready when needed.

My individual first aid kit in the last post. The complete list of items is below.

Complete List of My IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Contents:

  1. 1 Specter Gear medical pouch
  2. 1 Tourniquet
  3. 1 Celox gauze roll
  4. 1 Celox 25 gram granule pouch
  5. 1 Medical shears
  6. 1 Quickclot sport 3.5 x 3.5 in gauze pad
  7. 2 2×2 in gauze pad
  8. 3 large knuckle band-aids
  9. 3 medium knuckle band-aids
  10. 4 large band-aids
  11. 3 butterfly closures
  12. 1 small needle tweezer
  13. 4 pks Ibuprofen
  14. 1 10 count Advil travel bottle
  15. 1 chapstick
  16. 2 doses Benadryl/Diphen
  17. 6 doses Sudafed
  18. 3 pks triple antibiotic ointment
  19. 5 antiseptic towelettes
  20. 2 Alka Seltzer
  21. 2 pair vinyl gloves
  22. 1 5×9 in gauze pad
  23. 2 3×4 in gauze pad
  24. 1 4×4 in gauze pad
  25. 2 3×3 in gauze pad
  26. 1 6.5x4in mole foam
  27. 2 3in wide gauze rolls
  28. 2 ft duct tape roll
  29. 1ft duct tape roll
  30. 1 small roll medical tape
  31. 3 safety pins and a light on batteries
  32. 1 triangular bandage
  33. 1 elastic bandage
  34. 1 Betadine solution ampule

I put my IFAK on my magazine carrier to use when I go to training classes. It is a little bulky and sticks out a bit from my side but once I start moving around I don’t really notice it. The size is 6 inches wide 7 inches high and 5 inches deep. I estimate it’s weight at about 2 plus pounds. I wanted to have the first aid kit portion of the kit in a separate pouch that  I could easily remove.

I made sure to put a small carabiner on it just in case I had to hang it on my gear or put it somewhere else. The first aid kit itself is split into two individual waterproof pouches that allow me to access the individual components. So you see, you must have a good plan and your IFAK is an essential element of your plan! So if you want to be ready for any disaster during the coming years, make sure you’ll read the posts on this website carefully and take our advice to heart!