Emergency Kit – Lighting

Bright, carefree and inexpensive lighting for every room of the house is a modern luxury, made possible by electricity since the early 1900s.  Very few of us have any idea what it might be like to live without electric light.  We think, “Oh, we’ll be fine with a few candles and an old-fashioned kerosene lamp.”

To get an accurate picture of what it means to live without electric lights, turn off the fuse switches in your house some dark winter evening. Doing this in advance, when there is no emergency will give you a far better picture of what you need to do to prepare than listening to our advice on the subject.

We carry a variety of candles and flashlights.  It is a good idea to have adequate, safe, non-electric light for every room in your house. This is not only highly recommended but easily achievable. You should also include long-burning candles and flashlights.

Create your own emergency preparedness plan

It could be wise to create your own emergency preparedness plan.  It is not hard.  Everyone drives around with a spare tire because flat tires do happen.  It is so much easier to deal with a flat tire when you have a spare with you in the car.

Your preparedness plan is your spare tire.
Emergencies do happen.  Earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, power outages, swine flu pandemics, war, terrorism, economic hard times.  With foresight, a major disaster doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Gather up what you will need in an emergency, ahead of time while the supplies are readily available.  Think now, before the emergency, “what will I need to take care of myself in the event an emergency occurs. Gather up these items and you will be assured of surviving any emergency in greater comfort than if you are caught unprepared

How Digital Rights Management (DRM) software works

The first response of the movie and music industries to peer-to-peer piracy was to go to court. To make a technology phenomenon into an issue for the lawyers. Round two is shaping up to be exactly the opposite: a legal issue is becoming an issue for the technologists. How so? Digital rights management (DRM) software puts a virtual lawyer into every song, book, and movie. The software also helped protect the content rights of any online platform.

Content owners are betting that a new technology will make it possible to distribute their titles over the Internet without risking widespread piracy. DRM software allows publishers to embed rules in files that precisely define how those files can be used. If a consumer fails to obtain a license for a DRM-protected movie, the movie won’t play. If a consumer attempts to watch a movie more than the agreed-upon number of times or for longer than they paid for, the DRM virtual lawyer will put a stop to the show. …

Regional Emergency Transitions Initiative

The Family Support 360 Special Initiative: Emergency Transitions for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families

The Inclusive Preparedness Center (IPC) has received federal funding from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities for the Family Support 360 Special Initiative: Emergency Transitions for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their families.

IPC joined with Delaware and the District of Columbia to propose in-state and regional planning to develop an Emergency Transitions plan to be funded for actual implementation in subsequent years.

The regional planning effort of the special initiative has been joined by programs serving people with developmental disabilities in seven states and the District of Columbia.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Emergency Transitions Initiative (MA-RETI), includes programs in the District and the States of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina. …