Stocking Up Your Antibiotics Supply

Before modern medicine, one of the number one causes of death was infection. We now have antibiotics. When stocking up on antibiotics, it is important to choose the right one. Many studies have shown Amoxicillin to be more effective than Penicillin. Amoxicillin also does not need to be taken as long as Penicillin making it a much better candidate for stockpiling since a stockpile will last longer.

The problem is that if you go to your local healthcare practitioner and tell him to give you a lifetime supply of Amoxicillin because you are prepping for the apocalypse, he/she will likely not only turn you down but may declare you mentally unstable. Even if you find a doctor that understands prepping, you will still have to deal with the outlandish cost of buying pharmaceuticals in bulk. When you need a solution for this, look to the fish. Fish antibiotics are available to anyone online for cheap. The neat thing is that they are identical to the human medication counterpart, and available in human doses.

So what do you need? What you are looking for is a product called Fish Mox Forte. It comes in 500mg tablets of Amoxicillin which is the average dose for a full grown adult. A bottle of 100 capsules will run you about $30 on the internet. Since the average dosage for a bacterial infection is 3 doses a day of 500mg for 7 to 10 days, one bottle will get you through roughly 3 to 4 infections, twice that for smaller people and children. So you see it is important to create your own emergency preparedness kit.

I have personally only taken antibiotics about 6 times in my life, and most of those times were not exactly necessary and were also when I was younger. Today, I am a big believer in letting my body heal itself and I only use antibiotics when the situation becomes dire. This will have to be your mindset as well in a post-apocalyptic scenario when you have a limited supply and no hope of civilization returning to normal in the near future. You will feel pretty stupid dying from an infected wound knowing you used up all of your antibiotics on colds (which does not work anyway).

Normally, I would recommend 5 bottles per person to safely last a lifetime, but these will not be normal circumstances. You will more than likely be eating questionable food and drinking questionable water in a post-apocalyptic environment as well as suffering more injuries than you do working behind a desk every day. It is then my personal recommendation to have a minimum of 10 bottles per person which should run you about $300 per person. This may seem like a big investment but if you must live the rest of your days without a doctor in sight, it could save your life numerous times. Of course, something is better than nothing so for the part-time prepper a few bottles will suffice. For the full-time prepper, you can never have enough, can you?

So how long will this last? What is the shelf life? Every medication has an expiration date on it. Since 1979, pharmaceutical companies have been required to place expiration dates on all medications. This date is just the date that the pharmaceutical companies can guarantee full potency. Some medications will actually become unsafe over time, but most will just lose potency. Amoxicillin is one that will just lose potency. If stored in a cool, dry place, especially unopened, it should maintain most of its potency well after 15 years. Don’t also forget about your home protection. When you come back, you don’t want to find it in certain ways, do you?

When taking antibiotics, be sure to take them a few days after the symptoms are gone. If you do not, it is possible to become sick again with a strain that is immune to your antibiotics. I highly recommend picking up a few medical books that describe how to determine an illness and infection and gives the proper dosing instructions. You don’t have to read it now, but it would be good to have around near your meds for when you need it. I also want to stress to never take fish Amoxicillin except for a post-apocalyptic/survival scenario. Always go to the doctor and get medication for human beings if possible. This information is only for an emergency situation. Read also this post on Emergency Kits-Lightning.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. The information here is information I have gathered in my own research. I strongly recommend speaking to a doctor before taking any medication. This information is only for a survival situation when there is no hope of medical help from the outside world.