Water Filters

The number one factor in successfully surviving a disaster – PURE WATER

There is nothing more important to good health and successfully surviving a natural or man-made disaster than good, safe drinking water. That is why we recommend everyone have a quality, gravity feed water filter in case of an emergency. The AquaRain water filter is the brand that we carry at Yellowstone Trading. It is by far our most popular water filter. Check out also this video on other water filtration systems:

The AquaRain Natural Water Filter will provide your family and loved ones with laboratory proven safe drinking water without electricity, without plumbing, and without pressure or chemical pretreatments.

When the electricity goes out, most other water filters will not work. The AquaRain water filter works on gravity. The AquaRain is simple to use, (even your children can filter water and they will enjoy doing so) as well as very effective in producing large quantities of pure water.

The AquaRain 404 water filter will produce approximately 25 gallons of water per day. This will not only supply your family’s needs for water but could save the lives of your relatives or friends by producing an abundance of good drinking water that could be shared with others.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that we store two gallons of water per person per day. They also say that we should store enough for a 2-week emergency situation. That is 28 gallons of water per person. Water is not only heavy but it also takes up a lot of space to store. It must be kept from freezing and it can be a challenge to keep the water fresh so that it is safe to drink when you need it. We feel that having a gravity water filter is the best answer to your family’s safe drinking water needs in an emergency.

Having an AquaRain water filter is like having access to thousands of gallons of safe water in a one cubic foot box. In some Mid-Atlantic states, they developed a great initiative to deal with this sort of emergency issues.

The AquaRain water filter is using space-age technology and removes all harmful organisms and dangerous bacteria from the drinking water in a natural way. AquaRain water filters do this by using microfiltration in combination with gravity. See also this post about setting up an emergency plan.

Dense and highly-absorptive and active carbon filters are incorporated in the ceramic shells of these water filters and a sterile metallic silver device is also included to safeguard purity within the filtration system. A needed part of your survival kit!

AquaRain water filters are housed in super-sanitary and stainless steel housings that are press-formed without any welds or seams and come with easy-lift handles. The one-of-a-kind “splash guard” water system ensures the highest quality and safe drinking water for everyday use. You just pour any sort of unfiltered water into your AquaRain water filtration system and the splash guard will prevent any water from being spilled or will also make sure that nothing will accidentally get to the area where your filtered water is stored. Take also care of your lighting equipment, another essential part of your survival kit!

AquaRain Water Filters come with High-Tech Ceramic Filtration Systems. The centerpiece of the AquaRain Water’s micro-filter is a high-tech and patented ceramic filter system that is specifically designed for this purpose only. This state-of-the-art ceramic filtration system purifies water in a natural way. It uses gravity to draw water down gently through the system’s cultured ceramic stones in a manner similar to natural processes with groundwater filtration in nature which is especially important for your kids.

The microfine AquaRain ceramic pore structure removes poisonous organisms like protozoan cysts and microscopic bacteria such as E-Colli and Salmonella from the water. The AquaRain Filter is manufactured in line with the most stringent NSF and FDA standards and regulations and fully satisfies the rigorous USEPA requirements that apply to Cyst and Bacteria Water Purifiers.